Freya saves Rebekah from the witch prison, just as Finn and Jackson both learn the truth about Hope.

By Samantha Highfill
April 02, 2015 at 07:08 PM EDT
Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

As much as I love the Original brothers—which is a lot—it’s about time we got another Original sister in the bunch. And not only does Freya meet that requirement, but she’s also the eldest Original, which is just cool, not to mention the fact that she’s an incredibly powerful witch. Honestly, words cannot describe my immediate love for the newest addition to the twisted family, but I’ll try.

Act One: Not-so-sleeping beauty

This episode can easily divided into three locales, the first of which being the crazy witch asylum where Rebekah is right where we left her: asleep with Freya’s name spelled out on her floor. Only, Bekah doesn’t need the Scrabble letters to tip her off. Thanks to Freya’s crazy power, Bekah’s older sister gets in her head and gives her a dream, or rather a nightmare, in which we see baby Freya being toted off to what we can only imagine was a pretty crappy life with Dahlia.

By the time Rebekah wakes up, she starts causing trouble again, stealing apples from the kitchen and handing them out to Cassie and some new girl that we quickly recognize as Freya, brought back to life. When Bekah offers Freya a stolen apple, she seems to recognize her, but Freya is too caught up in the wonder of cartoons to pay Bekah any real attention. That is, until later, when the Kindred catch Freya eating the apple and threaten to punish her.

Ever the warrior, Rebekah steps in, punching the Kindred leader in the face. Her punishment? A broken hand. Yeah, it’s safe to say that Bekah still doesn’t quite have the hang of the whole mortal, I-don’t-heal-quickly thing. But Freya is thankful, and that’s all that matters, because Rebekah has a plan to get out of the house: She and Cassie are going to channel the crazy powerful witch in the locked room—who is Freya—and bust out.

But here’s the twist: Cassie is a bitchy witch, and when Bekah wasn’t looking, she turned her into the Kindred and got a scar of her own (which means she’s one of them now?). And when they find Rebekah in Freya’s room—which holds the dead body of the former Kindred leader—they decide to punish Rebekah. Second twist: Freya’s not so much a fan of that plan. Showing up like the Original boss that she is, Freya kills all the Kindred folk, heals Rebekah’s hand, and then walks out the front door. Yeah, she’s that good.

Once outside, she finally lets Rebekah in on the secret of her identity. Apparently, Freya just woke up from a century-long sleep—but why?—and she tells Rebekah to give their brothers a message: She’ll be coming to see them soon, and she expects them to be on their best behavior. Yep, I love her.

Act Two: In the bayou

Outside the city, Klaus attempts to hunt down Hayley while Jackson finally reveals his big secret: His grandfather murdered her parents. Apparently, Jackson Sr. Sr. was not a big fan of Hayley’s parents and their plan to make peace with Marcel. So he killed them both. It’s a secret he only recently learned when his grandmother told him, and he knew he had to be the one to relay the information. Now, it’s up to Hayley whether she wants to share her secret, but either way, his feelings about her—just like the beautiful waves of his hair—won’t change.

Of course, after Klaus pays a quick trip to Jackson’s grandmother, and is SO offended when she calls him a vampire—”I’m a hybrid, dear”—it doesn’t take long for him to track down his baby mama. However, Hayley seems pretty set in her ways.

With this wedding meaning the opportunity to have an army of super wolves on their side, Hayley thinks this is their chance to finally bring Hope home. Klaus, however, decides the wedding is off. Then it’s a good thing Hayley doesn’t take orders, right? Well, sort of.

NEXT: Finn figures it out

After Hayley calls Klaus out on having a crazy family—fair—and 1,000 enemies—at least—Hayley tells Klaus the real threat to Hope. It’s Klaus. (I was really hoping they’d do a reverse Breaking Bad and say “You’re the danger,” but I guess “You’re the threat” works too.) Hayley sees this wedding as their only choice, and she knows it will work. So Klaus snaps her neck, because he’s not about to trust someone who wears as much denim as Jackson does. Okay, so he doesn’t put it like that, but he’s thinking it.

Instead, Klaus pays another visit to Jackson’s grandma to see if the buff wolf can come out and play. And by play, he means that he fully intends to kill your grandson. Cool? Great.

In the woods, Klaus and Jackson fight about Ansel and how Klaus believes that Jackson is only using Hayley for her power. But “fight” is a strong word. Really, Klaus breaks what seems like every bone in Jackson’s beautiful body as he waxes poetic about life and loyalty and such. Seriously, in what might be one of the longest “executions” ever, Jackson and Klaus continue their fight well into the night, but up until the very last moment, Jackson denies that he’s using Hayley. In fact, he loves her. And when Klaus is just about ready to kill him, Jackson recalls the moment when Klaus once told him that they shared a people. So now, his last words are simple: “Promise you’ll help Hayley set our people free.” NOW do you believe he’s trustworthy, Klaus?

Well, not really, but Hayley does, and she shows up in enough time to tell Klaus to get away from her man. In an odd way, Klaus finally realizes that Hayley and Jack are MFEO, and he agrees to leave, but not without telling Jack that if he betrays her, “I will deposit your head on the end of a spike.” Clearly, Klaus is a fan of Lord of the Flies.

Ending out the day, Hayley finally tells Jackson “a story about a beautiful baby girl and the parents who swore they would die to protect her,” and Klaus puts in a call to Elijah. Sadly, this is our only option for the Elijah Moment of the Week, but with that hair, it’s certainly worthy of the title. Klaus tells his older brother that his plan is simple: Let the wedding empower the wolves, and then deal with Jackson’s fate.

As for now, Klaus has got his hands full with the return of Rebekah, which comes accompanied with the return of that adorable proud brother smirk on Klaus’ face.

Act Three: The angry bore

With Klaus in the bayou and Rebekah in the asylum, Finn spends the episode trying to get information out of Marcel, and Kol spends the episode helping Davina and Aiden attempt to rescue Josh.

Once Davina and Kol do a locator spell to find Josh, Kol agrees to tag along. By the time they show up, Finn is already convinced that Marcel knows nothing of Klaus’ deep dark secret, so instead, he decides to deal with his brother. After snapping Marcel’s neck, Finn calls Kol out on his betrayal, but you know Kol. He’s always switching sides depending on whoever he thinks is going to win. And thanks to Finn’s impressive use of Mikael as a “black magic battery pack,” Kol would officially like to switch sides … again.

But Finn isn’t an idiot. He calls out his “duplicitous weasel” of a brother on the fact that Davina and Aiden are with him, and from there, Finn wakes up all the hungry vampires, leaving Aiden to break his boyfriend’s neck and run away with Davina. As for Kol, Finn curses him to his body, unable to jump—yay!—until he meets a meaningless, lonely death—no! Finn’s incredibly harsh final words: “I will not miss you.” Ouch. I don’t know much about the relationship between these two, but they’re brothers, and that’s just cold. Also, somebody find Freya and get Kol out of this deathtrap, please? I refuse to lose this beautiful con artist of a man!

By episode’s end, Finn has realized something: Rebekah is missing and instead of looking for her, Klaus has stayed busy. And Elijah? He’s nowhere to be found. Elijah, who doesn’t run, is nowhere to be found. Why would that be, unless Elijah was trying to hide something? Finally putting it all together, Finn asks Marcel—who was the last to see Klaus’ child alive—how the baby died. And Marcel can’t remember… because it was compelled out of his mind. Finn’s new idea: “She’s still alive and now, you and your vampires are going to help me find her.”

New tagline for the show: The Originals: They were the best of siblings, they were the worst of siblings. (But good lord were they entertaining.)

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