Tensions rise at movie night, and something is found in the garden
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When places get crowded, tensions can run high—just look at a highway during rush hour or a crowded subway train. And the influx of inmates at Litchfield is continuing to cause problems for everybody there. Including the body in the garden. Here's pour recap of Episode 10, Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black.

Everything comes to a head at the latest movie night, where the film was chosen by none other than Taystee (Danielle Brooks). Her pick? "The Wiz," of which she finds a copy in the prison's "ethnic" section and tells Caputo (Nick Sandow) would be a departure from the 11 previous films they watched, which came from Fig's personal VHS collection (all rom-coms, all starring white people). At first, she's the only one of her friends excited about it, but they all defend it once the neo-Nazis begin complaining as everyone's watching the movie. Afraid things will escalate even further, Coates pulls the plug on the film before it's finished and sends everyone back to their bunks. Watching this from the back of the room, where Coates and the other COs are, is Doggett (Taryn Manning), seemingly an island unto herself as the rest of the inmates get increasingly antagonistic to one another. "Do you ever feel like a person without a country?" she asks Coates.

In SHU, Sister Ingalls manages to successfully get a note to Sophia, and we see the relieved look on her face as she reads it. Ingalls also accidentally drops her smuggled cell phone in sight of a guard because a rogue sneeze dislodges it from, um, where she'd been keeping it, but it allows her to tell Caputo what she's trying to do, and he ends up helping her—first by using the phone to snap a photo of Sophia (Laverne Cox), and then by giving it to Danny Pearson (Mike Birbiglia) to get to Crystal.

On the outside, Aleida (Elizabeth Rodriguez) finds out quickly that life post-prison presents its own challenges. She gets picked up from the prison by Caesar's new baby mama and discovers her cousin spent all the money she had saved for when she got out—and that her children are scattered around the city in foster care.

Inside, Daya (Dascha Polanco) feels like she's starting prison anew again. Now that her mother isn't there, she feels alone. Because of that, she takes Maria up on her offer to hang with the Dominicans in the salon, where she wants to use her creative skills to do nail art (the alternating bunnies and skulls of the episode's title were one request), and decides to stay even after seeing that they're selling drugs. Gloria (Selenis Leyva), looking out for her on a promise to her mother, warns her against it—even if she's not dealing with the others, that won't matter if they get caught.

And speaking of drugs, Nicky's vow to get clean turns out to be a big, fat lie—but she's suddenly persona non grata in the prison drug system. Three guesses why. Red (Kate Mulgrew), in Mama Bear mode, made sure no one would sell to her. While searching for heroin, she runs into Luschek, who lets slip he had a hand in getting her brought back from max (technically, the hand wasn't the body part he used). She says that if he hadn't sent her down there, she'd still be sober.

Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) decides she's finally ready to do the "no pants dance" and asks Kukudio to join her in the broom closet during movie night, but her former love interest exacts revenge for being left in the woods by abruptly walking off just after getting Suzanne all hot and bothered. And Maritza (Diane Guerrero) tells Flaca about what happened in the guard house with the mouse—yes, she chose the mouse and felt its little toes as it went down (ugh). Flaca (Jackie Cruz) is horrified—"That's some Hannibal Lecter s---," she gasps—and comforts her distraught friend, fuming that the guards think they can do whatever they want to them.

Blanca, meanwhile, has been where she was forced to stand for two full days. She's urinated on herself and is falling asleep on her feet, but she's still up there. Piper (Taylor Schilling), feeling the same sort of righteousness that leads her to always make bad things even worse, goes to Piscatella (Brad William Henke) to try and reason with him, assuring the other inmates that he likes her. Nice try, Piper. He tells her she has none of the special privileges she thought she had and instructs her to get out. Back in the cafeteria, she leaves a granola bar for Blanca after the guards forbade the inmates from giving her food. But instead of giving her shots, CO Dixon decides to make her get up on the table, too. Something tells me Piper's resolve isn't as strong as Blanca's.

And out in the greenhouse, Piscatella decides to uproot the prison garden to put in the pipeline for the new dorm, because it was the easiest option and Caputo wasn't picking up his phone to discuss it. Cue a backhoe uprooting veggies…and pulling up a severed hand along with the produce. Yikes.

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