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November 17, 2017 at 10:37 PM EST

In the Enchanted Forest, Alice and Hook reunite, but they can’t be near each other because of Hook’s sick heart. Alice is convinced that they’ve been cured and can be together, but when she goes in for a hug, it’s clear that’s not the case. So Alice takes off running and jumps into a portal to Wonderland, where Cinderella and Henry chase after her.

Of course, equal amount of insanity are happening in Hyperion Heights after the release of Eloise Gardener. Vicky is in jail, Lucy still isn’t with Jacinda, and Ivy and Henry’s friendship is gaining serious ground even though she’s terrible. Regina interjects to tell Ivy to stay away from Henry, but Ivy isn’t too concerned because Regina doesn’t want that curse broken. But Ivy is working with Gothel, and my bet is that girlfriend has some crazy up her sleeve. Even when she sees Hook again, she comes across as nearly normal. In the meantime, at Roni’s, Nick shows up. Who’s Nick? Oh, just the lawyer who is going to help Jacinda get Lucy back…AND ALSO LUCY’S DAD. It’s a startling realization for Henry.

In Wonderland, Henry and Cinderella go on the search for Alice but are almost immediately caught in a White Rabbit trap. It’s reminiscent of Snow trapping Charming in a net. And while he’s reaching for his sword (LOL, innuendo) to cut them out, they almost kiss…but not yet. That kiss is going to have to wait because as much of an optimist as Henry is, Cinderella is not. But it turns out that Jacinda wanted to come back to Wonderland for more reasons than just Alice. She’s come back for her mother, who abandoned them when she was small. Cinderella has returned to tackle this infinite maze and discover what happened to her father when he came to Wonderland.

Switching back to Hyperion Heights, Lucy sits down with Henry to “figure out who this Nick character is.” Oh, Lucy. She’s not ready to let Jacinda fall back in with Nick, and it appears that could be exactly what happens because Nick cancels their legal plans for the night in favor of a fancy dinner. At the police station, Regina seeks out Rumple to talk to him, and she apologizes to Hook for what’s happened to him regarding Alice. When she notices that cake Gothel made, she puts it in the trash because, guys, you can’t trust anything this crazy woman is doing. And right now, what Gothel wants is to find Anastasia’s coffin because they’re going to wake her up, and to quote Ivy, she’s going “to take back everything that is mine.”

As Cinderella dives into the infinite maze, she stumbles upon the Tea Party scene, and at the head of the table is Alice. But on the table, Cinderella realizes, is her mother’s necklace. Alice admits she knew Cinderella’s mother, but they were attacked by a Jabawockee, and though Alice slayed it, she was the only one to survive. Cinderella still isn’t persuaded to pity her mom, but it turns out Cinderella’s mom also had a poisoned heart. That’s why she stayed away. And that’s why Alice came back…to cure the poison heart issue. She went to Drizella for it, who in actuality seems to be more interested in poisoning everyone’s hearts instead of curing them. And her next target is Henry. As she takes a knife and puts it to Henry’s heart, Cinderella comes along and STRAIGHT CLOCKS OUT DRIZELLA. It’s incredible. In that moment, she shows Henry that her parents’ necklaces are glowing, and they finally share their first kiss.

In Hyperion Heights, Henry is working on the food truck as Jacinda is out on her date. When Jacinda and Nick return to find the working food truck, Henry passes the keys to Jacinda and heads out — but she needs Henry, so she chases him down to explain everything that’s going on. She signed away her parental rights to Lucy a while back and messed everything up. Henry insists that he’s not the best man to help her and that maybe she should go with Nick right now…maybe right now isn’t the best time for them.

While that might be devastating, big things are happening at Roni’s. Regina pulls Rumple in and calls him out for being awake. He insists he has no idea what she’s talking about. She says she needs an ally, but Rumple’s not interested. He starts to walk away, and Regina says it’s the wrong move because Belle wouldn’t want this. He stops in his tracks and turns around only to say, “Who’s Belle?”

In the Enchanted Forest, the team makes it back to an ailing Hook to explain what has happened when they’re interrupted by a newcomer. Turns out that the only person who has known Nick longer than Jacinda/Cinderella is Henry. Nick is just the identity of Jack in Hyperion Heights, and he and Henry go way back in the Enchanted Forest.

In real time, we do get a brief, hopeful ending: Lucy gets to go home with Jacinda, even if she has to meet her father, Nick. Lucy’s pretty jazzed to be back with her mom, even if she has to be with her dad instead of her, um, real dad? And speaking of her real dad, Henry is wasted at Roni’s in the daylight because life is hard like that sometimes. And Regina takes the opportunity to discuss her upcoming plans with Drunk Henry. They’re heading to San Francisco to go get someone who can help them. Someone who kind of hates Regina, but someone who may be their only hope. It looks like we have a mother/son road trip!

And in the final moments, Hook finds Alice to discuss what happened with Eloise, and he offers her a gift to call a truce: a chess set. He wants them to have a weekly game together because he wants to start getting things right and being a good man. And then, of course, we wrap up the night with Drizella and Gothel, who have found the coffin with Anastasia in it. But when they open it up, Anastasia is gone, meaning that maybe Vicky isn’t out of this crazy sequence of events yet.

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