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Back in Hyperion Heights, Ivy has been tasked with taking Lucy trick-or-treating, but Ivy isn’t interested in anything but texting. Damn teens. Lucy escapes by trading places with an Elsa (LOL, I’m not even going to comment) and running away from Ivy, and you know Victoria isn’t going to love that.

Next time Rumpleweaver runs into Tilly, she’s peeling the stickers off a Rubik’s Cube, which is one way to do it. In the background, there’s an actual Alice, and I couldn’t quite see whose hand she was holding, but I live for these nuggets. Anyway, when Rumpleweaver questions Tilly about her pills, she says she’s too close to start taking them again. He asks her to explain, and she says that they’re all pieces of the same puzzle, but they’re all wearing masks. He begs her to tell him what she knows, and she says she could, but she’d rather show him.

Back in the past, Belle gets more gray hair and Gideon is a grown boy. He’s been accepted to an academy, and Belle is so happy about it. He’s reading all kinds of books. Look at Gideon, with a dreamy far-off look, and his nose stuck in a book…oh, I’m getting away from myself. Rumple and Belle talk further about getting rid of that dagger, and Belle thinks she’s made some progress. It’s a riddle, but Rumple knows where to go: the Edge of Realms.

That’s when we head back to Hyperion Heights, where Jacinda is working her chicken job (which I’m actually jealous of?) when Henry stops by. But Jacinda loses interest quickly when she realizes Ivy has LOST LUCY. They exchange some barbs, but at the end of the day, Jacinda can’t leave her job, so Henry joins Ivy to find our girl.

Rumpleweaver and Tilly go to see “the answer” at the train tracks. But on the way to the tracks, Rumple offers her a sandwich, which is the same thing I do when I have to give my dog her medicine. He slid her pills in the peanut butter. Tilly is devastated; she says that the pills make her foggy and will make her small again. She argues that Weaver could be a good man, but he doesn’t think she’s right, so she takes matters in her own hands and bails out of the moving car because time is of the essence. She’s late for a very important date with the rest of her life.

Anyway, Rumple and Belle make it to the Edge of Realms and decide that they’re not going to dispose of the dagger. Belle wants something simpler, so they’re going to enjoy a nice little situation where they build a new house. And y’all, I’m screaming because it’s a total homage to Up, and I can’t handle it.  Even the shape of the house matches. Gideon is happy and sets off on his own journey, and Belle and Rumple spend their time dancing in the living room. At the end of their days, the song changes to Beauty and the Beast, and finally, one day, Belle’s time in this world comes to an end. She opens up the curtains one last time and falls to the ground. It’s a moment that could bring tears to the eyes of any Once fan. (Recap continues on page 3)

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Everything you’ve ever read about fairy tales is true—the residents of Storybrooke are living proof.
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