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October 27, 2017 at 10:24 PM EDT

Happy Halloween, you crazy kids!

So, I’m going to say something major: This episode, in this seventh season that many of us have admittedly been extremely skeptical about, gave us a true Once Upon a Time moment. And man, was it painfully worth it. Let’s reflect. Let’s cry a little, maybe. Let’s go back to Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest, okay?

In Storybrooke, Belle is with Rumple, and Gideon is turning 1! Things are good, Rumple is not doing awful stuff,  Belle seems happy, and Gideon is adorable. It’s all so perfect that Rumple gets Belle a family book to document their travels (in case you’re wondering what book they’ll base the series on in season 14). He promises they’ll see the world, but I have a feeling it doesn’t happen, because suddenly we’re back in Seattle. He sits down with Tilly and offers her something orange-marmalade flavored, because, of course. She’s wearing a rabbit mask, not because she’s Alice, but because it’s Halloween and we need a good Halloween episode. It’s deeper than just a holiday though. She insists that we’re all wearing masks, because Tilly is deep. She’s one to keep your eye on.

To be transparent (because I know better than trying to fool ya), I didn’t watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland because as a working mother, I have to have time to take care of the kids, take them to the community garden, and pretend I believe that I, too, came from another world. So I may miss some references at first, but I’m here to learn. Teach me your ways, you Alice lovers. Embrace me.

At Vicky’s business, Jacinda shows up to bring Lucy’s costume, and Ivy calls security to say there’s a trash problem upstairs. RUDE! But I did love that little quip about preferring to eat carbs than be around Jacinda, so I’ll let it slide. And you know who is very quickly earning her place as a legend? Tilly. She hides in Victoria’s car, surprising her, and announcing that she knows that none of them belong in Hyperion Heights — and she knows Victoria knows that, too. So, naturally, Vicky pepper-sprays her because she’s a demon woman who’s in the market for pepper spraying girls off their meds. She takes Tilly’s backpack, calls Rumpleweaver (can we make it a thing?), and shows him the pills she found inside. They keep Tilly sane, and she’s demanding he make her take them. And if he doesn’t? Well, he’ll pay.

At Roni’s, Roni is dressed up as Sandy from Grease, I believe, or maybe Marilyn Monroe. (Enlighten me!) Regardless, she’s fierce. She’s trying to pull Henry out of his bad mood, and that’s when Henry admits to Roni that he saw his wife’s and daughter’s graves, and it’s a lot for him to handle. Roni comes from behind the bar to comfort him and tells him to go after Jacinda because moving forward doesn’t mean you forget the dead. Guys, Evil Queen/Regina/Roni is my world. Such an icon.

Elsewhere, Rogers and Rumpleweaver are trying to handle this Tilly situation, but when they disagree, Rumpleweaver informs Rogers that he doesn’t care about anyone. What happened to him?? Well, let’s flash back to Belle and Rumple growing old. That gives us a lot of insight. Belle has a gray streak in her hair because, well, age has taken its course. Rumple loves Belle and Gideon so much that he has decided he’s tired of this magic life, with all its potential evil, so he throws his dagger into the river — but it reappears in his boot because getting rid of evil is hard business. Luckily, Belle isn’t one to be discouraged. (Recap continues on page 2)

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Everything you’ve ever read about fairy tales is true—the residents of Storybrooke are living proof.
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