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March 30, 2018 at 10:16 PM EDT

For those who have been anxious to see something finally happen between Ivy/Drizella and Anastasia, well, this one’s for you! Once Upon a Time finally brings the sisterly rivalry to a head, and, well, we’ll have to see if the ends justify the means with these two. Meanwhile, Henry and Jacinda finally start to figure out whether what they have between them is real, and … do we finally know who the serial witch murderer is? Let’s take it from the top.

The episode begins with a flashback to Drizella and Anastasia playing hide and seek in a creepy wood when they are very young. Driz loses track of her sister for a scary spell, but thanks to their shared magic, some lanterns pop up to show her the way — and with their magic combined, these lights keeping working to help them find a path home, too. “As long as we’re together, we can always find a way back home,” Ana says as they sweetly embrace.

Too bad their relationship is so fractious in later years, as Drizella laments to a slumbering Anastasia, “You said you’d never leave me.” She says she wants to punish their mother and that perhaps her sister is the way to do that. The Evil Queen shows up to offer her help with the curse, pointing out she’s got a “head full of steam” at present, but when she impolitely declines — that is, jacks our friend up by the throat — Gothel reveals it’s actually her, testing Drizella for how committed she is to the cause of breaking this curse. She invites her to join her coven, signified by the same symbol from the other side, or to spend the rest of her days alone.  

Similarly, Ivy gets a visit from Gothel offering her to join her quest for the Dark One’s dagger. She’s in danger — as evidenced by the delivered box of chocolate in the lobby — and if she doesn’t want to become the next witchy victim on the serial killer’s list, she needs to join Gothel’s group. Here, too, she hesitates, knowing Gothel never means what she says and charges an even higher price than Rumple on his worst day. 

Meanwhile, Roni gets a visit from Jacinda and Lucy. Jacinda’s looking forward to a night out with Sabine, which gives Lucy and Roni/Regina a moment to talk shop. It’s bad enough Lucy’s having to keep the secret of her true parentage from, well, her true parents, but she’s also watching him suffer in solitude. Regina reveals that before the town enchantment, he used to be quite close to Hook and Jack, who are now known as Officer Rogers and Nick the Curse Dad. Lucy decides to play matchmaker and get the three together at Flynn’s, where they can play arcade games and bro-down about Henry’s achy, breaky heart. Good times.

Rogers being tied up leaves Weaver to investigate a new lead all alone — after working on repairs to a cup that looks an awful lot like Beauty and the Beast‘s chip, as a quick nod to Belle. They’ve located Anastasia running around by herself, but by the time he hits the site where she was spotted, she’s long gone. Instead, he finds Regina, whom he’s a little grudgey against, considering she hasn’t told him about her quasi-boyfriend’s big plans to steal his dagger. She says she hoped she could change him before it was too late but that she’s on Team Gold now since she knows just how dangerous Samdi/Facilier can and will be if he gets to Anastasia’s magic first. (Recap continues on next page.)

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