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May 14, 2017 at 10:44 PM EDT

Well, guys, this is it: six seasons of magic all leading up to one gigantic final battle. And if you’ve been following the news at all, it’s a lot to handle. Tonight we say goodbye to Emma. Well, Emma and Henry. Oh, and Charming and Snow. Well, Emma, Henry, Charming, Snow, and Belle. Also Zelena. ESSENTIALLY, tonight is a goodbye to the show as we know it, and you can bet that some of those characters don’t live to see their happily ever after. But it’s two hours, so let’s dive in.

All’s Not Well in the Enchanted Forest

We start out in the Enchanted Forest, where a man, an elder Henry perhaps, has run into a lair after being chased. He makes sure his daughter still has the Once Upon a Time storybook and tells her to protect it. She insists no one will ever believe the stories, but he’s confident that someone will. So his daughter runs, and he is left to fight the beast that has broken in his door.

A Family Affair

Henry wakes up on the same roof where the wedding happened, but bad news: No one remembers. Actually, no one remembers anything. And Emma is in a Storybrooke insane asylum (which looks oddly similar to the one Libby was at in LostWE HAVE TO GO BACK, anyone?). And even worse, Mayor Regina is now Mayor Fiona, and Henry is her son now. Black Fairy snags his book from him and dismisses Henry, who hugs Emma with the reminder, “Whatever she says to do, don’t do it.” Of course, she pushes Emma to take that medicine she’s given.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Fiona goes to visit Rumple and Gideon, and it appears that they don’t have any understanding of what’s going on either. That’s when we find out that Belle is gone from this world, too, and apparently in a tragic way. But we don’t get the details on that… not yet. We flash over to Henry, who breaks into the asylum to get Emma out. He takes her to the rooftop to remind her that she’s the Savior. Emma isn’t having it at first, but then she starts having flashes. It really does look like Henry is in charge of changing everyone’s minds again. Lord help this boy. Even with the flashes though, Emma isn’t convinced. She wants to leave, so Henry agrees to help her after dark.

Back in Rumple’s shop, Rumple shares a book with Gideon that Belle intended for him to have, but Gideon isn’t interested because Fiona has been more of a mother to him than Belle ever was. In this world, Belle “went to the store and never came back.” Harsh, B. Rumple tries to convince him how much Belle loved him, but he’s not interested in that story.

Henry jumps into action and snags his book back, but he’s interrupted by the Black Fairy, who reveals that they both know what’s actually going on. He tries to run away from her, but then she uses the eensiest bit of magic to push Henry down a flight of stairs. Yikes, guys.

Inside That Black Fog

Of course, Emma and Henry might be in Storybrooke, but Snow, Hook, Charming, and Regina end up back in the Enchanted Forest. Fiona has torn them apart, and she has Emma just where she wants her. She’s taken Regina’s original plan and really amped it up. She lets Emma know that she’s Henry biological mother, but by giving Emma that information, she’s only given her enough to continue pushing on. It’s enough to keep Emma from questioning anything else, including the separation from the rest of her family and the Final Battle she’s yet to fight. And Fiona has a plan anyway: burn the book, which seems like a terrible idea.

And that’s all part of the Final Battle. It’s not a war in the way you’d first think. It’s a fight for Emma’s belief, her hope. And right now, Emma is losing. Trying to come up with a plan, Zelena hops into action with one of the Mad Hatter’s hats, which takes them from portal to portal. And when Zelena takes the heroes on their first journey, they quickly discover that the Black Fairy is destroying all the realms… and every person in them.

Regina brings a ton of people from every realm back to her castle, including Aladdin, Jasmine, and the people of Agrabah. She’s determined to figure out how to break this curse, but Hook has plans of his own. He goes into the forest to find a gigantic beanstalk. David is hot on his trail, but Hook is determined to follow through with this plan. So they both jump in and climb that beanstalk. Back at her castle, Regina works on a potion with Zelena, but she’s missing most of her supplies. Of course, she figures out quickly that the culprit is the Evil Queen. Yes, the girls are back together now. Again. We catch up with Diet Evil Queen long enough to find out that she’s still mostly doing good, and she joins the fight to save the world.

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Everything you’ve ever read about fairy tales is true—the residents of Storybrooke are living proof.
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