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Daddy issues, mommy issues, fairy issues... what's the difference?

November 28, 2016 at 03:12 AM EST

Family is complicated. Sometimes you have a mom and a dad. Or just one parent. Or two moms, or maybe even a fairy mom, a regular mom, a creepy gold dad, and that’s not even getting into their good and bad sides. If Once Upon a Time is good at anything, it’s making things more complex than normal, and this week, it’s all about family — what happens when your mother loves you, abandons you, or has her second trimester skipped over entirely.

We open up to a fairy running down a hall toward Rumple, but as we know, very few stand a chance against Rumple. But if anyone does, it’s the Evil Queen who appears to join in on the fun… but Rumple isn’t interested in the Evil Queen until she kills her sister, Zelena. It seems harsh, but Rumple has turned it up a notch after “getting over Belle.” Um, OKAY, Rumple. He throws dust on the fairy and ages her significantly. She’s taken into the hospital where Belle figures out that he’s going to use the same spell that speeds up time so he can get the baby and use the Savior shears on it. That Belle and her wits, so clever.

We flash to the past, where Rumple brings Belle a baby that he’s stolen. Belle wants to know the baby’s name, but Rumple says why waste time giving a name to something you become attached to. Clearly, this isn’t the first time someone hasn’t been given a name. More on that later.

In the Storybrooke library, Belle finds a book with instructions on beating the Dark One. When she opens it up, the book says to follow the strand, and sure as day, a strand appears and Belle follows it, because girl is good at following instructions, if nothing else. The strand leads her to the Savior shears, but as she reaches to touch them, they disappear. In their place, her son appears in the dream world. He tells her that Rumple is going to use the shears on him, but the way to stop him is in front of her, if she’s willing to see it. But this is Belle, and who knows with that girl.

Belle takes her newfound dream world revelation to Hook and Emma, and she is ready to fight. But Hook and Emma tell her that they need to handle this one. We flash back to Belle and the baby, and she tells him that he can be a hero… if they can figure out what Rumple’s big plan is. Belle has one of her own, though, and decides to run off with the baby.

Back in Storybrooke, the Evil Queen meets Zelena and her baby in their house. It seems that the Evil Queen is ready to make good on her killing promise because she tells Zelena to put the baby down. She does and tells her that she loves her before the Queen takes Zelena outside and attempts to kill her. But before she can, Regina removes her own heart and stops the Queen. She threatens to crush it, killing both of them unless the Queen tells her why she’d kill their sister. Regina calls it out, telling her that she clearly still has a hole in her heart.

Hook goes to visit Rumple and mentions his son. Rumple tries to attack Hook, but Emma puts a curse on him, freezing his body so they can search for the shears and dagger. As they look, Emma has another flashback, one so strong it knocks her to the ground. Rumple escapes, and the first place he goes is to find Belle. Naturally helpless, she asks how he got there, but he cuts to the chase and tells her that he won’t lose another son and pulls out the spell that speeds up her pregnancy.

We flash back again with Belle attempting to figure out what’s going on with this baby, but everything she finds is in fairy language. Rumple takes the baby and locks Belle in a room.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle attempts to escape, but it’s no use. He says that with this son, he can start over and maybe he’ll love him. Not the best parenting approach, but you can’t blame a guy for wanting to start with a new approach, I guess? Belle falls back on the love approach, pointing out that he will lose her forever if he does this, and guess what? It works. Because as maniacal as he is, he sure does love Belle.

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