You can take the Savior out of the street rat, but you can't take the street rat out of the Savior

By Justin Kirkland
October 24, 2016 at 06:12 PM EDT
Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

A woman’s work is never done, so it’s no surprise the ladies jump to the front and center of this week’s episode. Jasmine is tasked with bringing in Aladdin to save her land from Jafar. The Evil Queen is tasked with being a devious inspiration for Zelena, and of course, Emma is just tasked with saving everything good in the world. No big deal.

And that red bird we saw last time? All bets are pointing to it being Iago, and he’s not just causing problems in Aladdin’s world, but in Emma’s as well. As Emma chases Iago through the woods, she and Archie stumble across a woman who seems to be poisoned in the same way the Hand Maiden was. And then, of course, they find Jasmine running through the woods, terrified.

Emma and Hook bring her in, and she promises she’s innocent. The girl who died was helping her find Aladdin, or as she loved to call him, “The Savior.” Emma is SHOCKED. Meanwhile, Archie returns to his office where the Evil Queen is waiting on him — she wants to discuss Emma Swan, which is against all kinds of HIPAA standards. Archie is kind of awful at patient-therapist confidentiality, but he holds strong against the Evil Queen. Alas, she turns herself into Archie’s clone, determined to find the answers she wants on her own.


Back in Storybrooke, Emma meets up with her family and Hook to talk to them about the new Savior, but that’s when not-Archie appears to force Emma into revealing her visions about her death. It pushes her to find Aladdin — if he can live as a Savior, maybe she can, too. Like most big secrets revealed in families, it causes quite a stir. Regina is hurt, of course. It’s probably some variation of her under that cloak because old habits die hard, ya know? But Regina leaves to try and solve it — she tells Emma to meet her at the graveyard.

Meanwhile, in flashbacks, Aladdin and Jasmine have broken into the Cave of Wonders to steal the Diamond in the Rough that Jasmine was looking for, but as soon as they do, the diamond disintegrates and the cave begins to rumble. A column begins to fall on them, but Aladdin uses magic to stop it: He’s the new Savior, and being the Savior comes with some pretty swell perks. But in Storybrooke’s present, Jasmine doesn’t know much about the fate of Aladdin, and she’s feeling pretty bad about putting him in the Savior line of fire.

You know what else comes with being in the Savior line of fire? Getting questioned by your mom about lying. But they’re interrupted when they discover that Archie’s earlier presence was a little suspect.

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Super proud of herself, the Evil Queen comes back and grabs Zelena for some mani-pedi time to chat about Rumple’s new hair, gossip, and wickedness (of course). She tells Zelena she could be wicked and fun, if she wants. The Evil Queen says Henry probably would have been 100-percent into being her son if she had just been honest (um, sure, okay), but she never owned it because she was lying. But Zelena has a chance to not be like the regular moms, she could be a wicked mom.

In an attempt to help unite them, Regina concocts a potion to unite Aladdin and Emma’s Savior magic. We flash back to Aladdin’s journey once again, which leads him right into Jafar’s crossfires. Jafar offers him an out, though: He can be a prince instead and live, or he can live the doomed life of a Savior. Elsewhere, Jasmine runs to find her father and protect him, but it’s no use — Jafar shows up and essentially throws Jasmine against a giant golden pillar just because he can. Afterwards, he puts her in that iconic hourglass to die, but then Aladdin swoops in on his carpet, saves her (and all of Agrabah), and makes Jafar leave. But Jafar warns Aladdin’s victory is hardly a victory at all. There’s an exchange between Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jasmine’s father, but I miss most of it… The accent variation among those in Aladdin’s world is just WILD.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and her family have gone in search of Aladdin. The potion connects Emma to him and eventually leads them to a tomb, where Jasmine finds the pendant she gave Aladdin when he acquired his magic/Savior-dom. Jasmine is naturally devastated — it appears Aladdin has died, which sends Emma into quite the loop of her own. In the tomb, her tremors return like WHOA. She’s interrupted by Henry, who apologizes for ever bringing her into this mess. If he had never knocked on her door, she’d never have to be a Savior. But she tells him she wouldn’t trade the magic of being a ~family,~ which is the greatest magic of all. But the REAL magic happens when Aladdin shows up in the tomb.

In one last flashback, we see Aladdin and Jasmine really starting to hit it off, and he tells her she should come away with him. They lean in for a kiss, but she pulls back and admits she can’t. She has all the confidence he can beat Jafar, so he tells her he’ll just have to see her later. But as he walks away, a satchel appears on his shoulder with a gift from Jafar. It’s a pair of shears he previously showed Aladdin, the ones that released him of his Savior duties. And back in the tomb, he reveals that he used them. After hearing Henry and Emma, he passes those shears onto Emma. Embarrassed with his decision, he wanted to stay away from Jasmine… But Emma tells him she’s a street rat, too, so they gotta stick together.

With a little coaching, Aladdin reveals himself to Jasmine. And man, is she psyched. Their happiness is short-lived — Agrabah is in terrible danger again and they need a Savior, but that’s a little tricky now, isn’t it? Back at Zelena’s house, she and the Evil Queen return with Zelena ready to get Back to Basics™. She turns poor Archie into a cricket again and puts him in a cage. And with all that being said, Emma and her family sit down together to discuss those shears she was given. She made the decision not to use them, because again… A woman’s work is never done. She tells Hook to get rid of them and he takes them out to sea — but I has a feeling they may not be as far gone as Hook leads us to believe. I can see behind the eyeliner, and love trumps Emma’s wishes when he pulls them out from his jacket pocket. Oh, Hook. Bless you.

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