With the final battle approaching, Emma may have to fight her biggest fight without either of her parents by her side
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Oh hi there. Remember when we were all Once Upon a Time in Neverland again and the Lost Boys were hardcore on Hook's tail? Yeah, we're back. As they all corner him on the beach, Hook pulls his sword to fight, only to have Tiger Lily step up for the team and knock them out one by one. Hook thanks her for the rescue, but it's hardly a rescue, as she plunges a dart into his neck.

In Storybrooke, Emma is serving up some pilgrim realness as David, Henry, and Regina help her to determine what exactly she's doing for this final chapter of the story. She's having those tremors again, and with everyone's feelings a little raw right now, David is more desperate than ever to get Snow awake.  That flashes us back to Storybrooke during the time of the Dark Curse. It's a solid reminder of how Snow and David… well, they've seen quite a number of times when one is napping and the other isn't.

It's an even bigger reminder of a time when Snow found a flower growing in the cracks of concrete, back when she was full time Mary Margaret. She brought it to David, and it woke him up. But back in Storybrooke, they've decided to pull both Snow and Charming's hearts out to take the magic out of both halves. It begins to work, but it appears the Evil Queen put a fail safe on it: By the end of the night, they'll both be asleep, again, forever. CLASSIC EVIL QUEEN.

In Snow's message that she leaves for David and Emma, they notice pixie petals behind her, which could be strong enough to wake them both up. But pixie petals only appear in the presence of great evil, so whomever Emma has to face is already here. That, of course, is when the Black Fairy shows up to Rumple's shop with Gideon. She insists that Rumple is going to join her because when the darkness arrives, he'll be 100 percent down. Belle looks pretty shocked, but should we be surprised? That girl is always late to the party.

We know we're back in the time of the Dark Curse because there's a yellow sheen all around. Though Snow has insisted that David has "sleepwalked into the woods" (LOL, OK), David has made his way to Rumple's shop, and he's insisting he help them. David says that he'll find Emma alone, and it triggers Rumple to help out anyway. The pixie flower? It reunites people who love each other… daughters, fathers, husbands, wives… the whole deal.

In Neverland, Hook wakes up in Tiger Lily's captivity. She asks Hook to deliver something to another realm. It's a weapon, and it's the only chance to fight evil on the horizon. It's then that they realize they are both trying to do work for the same woman — the Savior. Problem is, Hook can't go much of anywhere with this curse that's placed him here. Pan may have some magic that could set him free (of course), but they have to get past those friendly Lost Boys to get it.

Back in Dark Curse time, Regina tests Snow because she knows she's awake. She's tempted to set off the mines and demolish them while Archie is inside, but she's stopped when other townspeople arrive. But Snow was ready with scissors in hand to stop the Evil Queen/Regina from doing her worst.

In present day, Snow and Emma go on a search for the pixie flowers, and they stumble upon a whole grove of them. That's when the Black Fairy appears with Gideon and introduces herself before Gideon makes them all disappear. Back in Neverland, Tiger Lily reveals that she used to be a fairy, but she couldn't stop the Black Fairy, so she renounced her fairy-ship and sought refugee.

She can, however, start to do her part now. She distracts the Lost Boys so Hook can find his way to Pan, but as they capture Tiger Lily and Hook is getting away, his hook slips, and he falls back into a gaggle of Lost Boys. IT'S NOT LOOKING GREAT, GUYS.

In the time of the Dark Curse, David and Snow are ready to bring Emma home, but the curse needs time to run its course so that Emma can become Savior when she turns 28. Rumple gives them a potion to put them back under, because Emma is going to find them.

Back in the woods, Snow is pretty devastated, but Emma stumbles upon one more pixie flower. It survived because they needed it to, which is when we flash back once more to the past, where Snow and David use a pixie flower to check in on Emma. They are overtaken by the sight of their little girl, and David is ready to go through the door, but Snow stops him because going for Emma means ruining the lives of everyone else. This explains why Snow feels so responsible for this Savior battle business. But they do close the door, and unfortunately, the two of them take that potion Rumple gave them to go back under the spell. They promise to find each other and not lose faith that Emma will find them, and with one last kiss, they Romeo-and-Juliet back into oblivion.

Back in Storybrooke, right as Snow and David are about to take the pixie dust, Hook's shadow flies in the window with the weapon Tiger Lily sent. Hook's hook is attached to his shadow, and even though Emma got that weapon, she's heartbroken that Hook could be in trouble. Snow turns that pixie dust over to Emma so that she can find Hook, hoping she'll find a way to wake the two of them later.

Emma uses it, and right as Hook and Tiger Lily are about to die, she makes her way to them, sets them free, and gets Hook back to Storybrooke. When he lands there, he apologizes for her grandfather and finally gets to do what he wanted to a while back: He proposes, and Emma says yes. Even if mom and dad aren't there to cheer her on against the Black Fairy, things are looking up.

Regina insists that there may be another way. After a kind little speech, she asks everyone in town to all take the sleeping curse together, arguing that in doing so, they might dilute its power. "Might" is kind of chancy, but hey, Once Upon a Time is all about chance, right? So they each take it one by one, honoring the people who have saved them countless times over. It actually works, and they both wake up, but here's the issue… everyone else fell asleep. No worries, y'all! They all wake up, and Storybrooke has a new slogan: Territory folks should nap together.

So there it is: Emma and Snow and David and Hook and Regina are all together, and the Black Fairy is in the street with Rumple, who has discovered that the Black Fairy has Gideon's heart. It's going to be a scary end run for this season, and Emma has her work cut out for her.

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