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The Nautilus does have one more trick up its metal-wielded sleeves, though. On board is a compass device that can help them track down any man with revenge in his heart, which means they can try to track down Jafar and try to get back to Agrabah first.

Thanks to their shared magic carpet ride and some serious pep talking back in the day, Jasmine and Ariel formed a lasting enough bond that when they’re reconnected — by the device taking them straight to Ariel’s above-ground grotto filled with her gadget and gizmos galore — it’s like no time has passed at all. They quickly realize that one of the devices, a lamp, must have Jafar trapped inside as a genie, which means they can wish for him to restore Agrabah to its former glory in exchange for setting Jafar free.

Problem is, once they rub him out of the lamp, Jafar realizes that he’s actually not bound to the lamp and was just waiting to be freed from his itty bitty storage unit, so thanks again Jaz! Oh, and he puts a sleeping spell on Hook, Ariel, and Aladdin just for good measure to make sure Jasmine’s got to face him solo yet again. ‘Cause last time that worked out so well for him and all.

After a little taunting from Jafar, Jasmine realizes that the ring actually contains Agrabah now, which is why it showed up in her pocket when she asked to be taken to it. Jafar tries to take it back, but she manages to vanquish him with an old bottle of his magic dust and decides she knows exactly what to do to get her beloved city back now. Jafar’s banishment wakes up Aladdin and the rest, at which time she plants one true love kiss on her beau, and bam! They’re all brought back to Agrabah, where it’s reoriented in its old location, just as good as new. Hooray!

Better yet, among Ariel’s collection is a communications device that can touch base with someone at Storybrooke if they’re ready to listen, and whaddya know. Emma’s home and just so happens to be holding the box on the receiving end in time to hear Hook explain that he didn’t leave her but was banished by Gideon, who wants him out of the way to get to her.

Just then, Gideon shows up at her doorstep, very literally speaking, and tells her that he was actually pretending to be Aesop at the bar and collected her teardrop as a bit of mythical insurance. So long as he has that, he can keep Hook at bay from Storybrooke, and instead of killing her this time, he just wants her to do his deathly bidding for him and take out the Black Fairy on his behalf.

So, now that the Evil Queen has been dealt with, for the foreseeable future, the newest big bad of the season appears to be revealing him — or her — self. Is Gideon the truly dangerous one? Or will the Black Fairy deserve an attack from the Storybrooke saviors, no matter how it’s initiated? To be determined… for now, let’s just hope we get to see some more of Jasmine and Ariel flitting around town in such epic style because those two are the boss ladies Storybrooke deserves.

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Everything you’ve ever read about fairy tales is true—the residents of Storybrooke are living proof.
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