One couple looks to be taking a big step, but before they can, Hook and David must join forces to answer some questions about David's father.

By Justin Kirkland
March 12, 2017 at 09:33 PM EDT
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

Last week was a big deal, y’all. Robin’s back. Gideon and Emma faced off for round one. But if you thought the ending of last week’s episode was a big deal, you’re not going to believe the question Hook has lined up, the journey that he and David go on, and the big reveal that unfolds at the end. Grab a tissue and a pillow, because we have some complex details to discuss.

We start in the past with Rumple breaking in on Ruth and Robert and their twin boys — you may know them as Prince James and David. Of course, the couple try to fight off Rumple, but after he makes them a deal to save their ailing babies, he ends up taking James away to the king, meaning James becomes prince, and well… David doesn’t do too awful for himself.

In the present, David is cheers-ing his daughter Emma for fighting off Gideon, but he’s still pretty forlorn about poor Snow still being asleep. Out on the stoop, he hears a voice in the wind calling, “David,” and when he turns around, he sees a vision of his father with blood on his hands. Killian finds him passed out, but when he tries to help, David shoves him off before finding that coin.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Robin is getting accustomed to modern day life. Regina brings some clothes by as he’s getting accosted by the alarm clock. Poor Robin. Regina is just excited to have him back, but Snow isn’t so convinced because even though they look similar and are named Robin Hood, they’re hardly the same people. And you know, Snow has been there, so you have to trust her. And then there’s Hook, who goes to visit Archie to get advice on his and David’s relationship because boy has a ring, and he’s ready to propose to Emma. Yeah, you read that correctly: ring. Hook. Emma. MARRIAGE.

But David has a lot on his plate because his father has appeared again, telling him, “Family is everything.” David’s not having any of it because he’s spent his whole life trying to forget his father, but when he demands to know what his dad wants, he says, “Truth.” So why don’t we go back to the past and look at the truth, shall we? David’s father is at the bar, throwing back some coins for some brew, when King George rolls in. He announces that Prince James has been abducted, and anyone who can give information will be rewarded, while anyone withholding information will pay. That launches Robert into action to finally do good and help his family. David gives his dad his lucky coin to keep him safe, but we all know how that shakes out.

In the present, Hook stops by to chat with David, but David is distracted after seeing his father’s ghost. He asks for Killian’s help, but he starts to shrug it off, saying Emma may be better suited. But David wants Hook, and Hook needs that approval. Everyone has an agenda in Storybrooke, so while Regina is filling Robin in on life in town, Zelena shows up with a message: Stay away from my daughter. When Regina returns, Robin is gone, and she finds the story book page open to Nottingham. On the street, Robin has spotted Keith as well, drawn an arrow, and taken aim.

He just barely misses his mark, but Robin attacks anyway and holds a knife to Keith’s throat. Regina makes Keith disappear and tells Robin, “You have to stop running away and trying to kill people,” which isn’t a standard thing you say to your deceased lover. Elsewhere, David’s plan is to thrift some materials from Emma’s shed and cast a spell to explain what happened to his father. Hook resists because he doesn’t want to go about stealing and being a pirate anymore, but he finally agrees.

Going back to the past, Robert returns to Rumple asking for help to find his son James. Robert makes a deal with Rumple for one hair from his head, and Rumple reveals that James has not been abducted; rather, he ran away. So Robert heads off to find James, while Rumple has that hair… and you know it’s never that simple. Back in Storybrooke, Emma pulls up to her house as David’s in the shed. Hook tries to stop Emma to kiss her, and she calls him out for lying. So he backtracks and explains that he stopped to see Archie to talk to him about Emma. He nearly has to reveal his proposal plan to Emma, but David gets what he needs before the cat is let out of the bag… or the ring out of the box… you get it.

Regina takes Robin to her mausoleum to tell him about how he can’t go around trying to kill people. Granted, that’s as she’s surrounded by the hearts of her enemies, and Robin doesn’t miss that detail, either. But she goes on to explain that Robin has a daughter, and even though everything here is complicated, maybe they can make it work. They kiss, but it’s obvious that Regina doesn’t feel the same as she thought she’d feel.

Elsewhere in town, Hook and David work together on their concoction, and once David coats his coin in it and releases it on the map, it leads them to the last place his father was: Pleasure Island. That’s when we flash back again to Robert making his way through Pleasure Island. It’s there that he runs into Pinocchio, whose nose grows when he says that he hasn’t talked to James. When Robert finally finds James, James says that he doesn’t want to go and kill things, but Robert explains that he’s his father, and they’ll go back home together. But as they try to escape, they’re chased by the Pleasure Island creepers. With that information in tow, David sets off to finish his mission, but Hook asks him to think about it. But David just handcuffs him to a bike rack and heads off on his own.

Robert and James escape and return to King George, but when Robert explains that he has no interest in returning his son to King George, the king isn’t interested. James doesn’t want to be with the king, but it doesn’t matter. King George tells his guards to kill him, and they can have the reward. Back in the present, David pulls George out of prison and tosses him a dagger, explaining that he’s going to have to fight for his life. Essentially, our boy Charming has become unhinged. David manages to put a knife against George’s throat, but Hook has freed himself, and he stops David from following through. That’s when David gives us a heartbreaking speech about the “what if”s: What if Snow doesn’t wake up or Gideon is too strong? What if being Prince Charming isn’t enough? David breaks down, and all Hook can do is just tell him it’s all going to be okay.

To put a cap on Robert’s story, it’s revealed that even though he was sober, his captors poured alcohol on him before wrecking his cart and making it appear that he crashed and killed himself. And with that, David throws his coin into the water. He apologizes to Hook, telling him he’s noble and has done the hardest thing possible: change. So Hook takes the moment to ask for David’s blessing for Emma’s hand in marriage, and after the LONGEST pause ever, David tells him that he has it. BIG DAY FOR CAPTAINSWAN.

Not a great day for Fake Robin and Regina, though, because she confirms it to Snow: That kiss with Robin didn’t do anything for her. But as they discuss who Robin might be and what business he might have here, he breaks into Regina’s mausoleum and steals one of those hearts.

But here’s the trickiest part: When we flash back to Robert’s story, which we all thought ended with the king’s men having killed Robert, it actually ends with Hook putting a sword through Robert’s chest and taking the king’s gold. (Head here for Josh Dallas and Colin O’Donoghue’s thoughts on that twist.) Of course, Hook doesn’t realize how all the pieces fit together until he sees the missing pages from Henry’s book, where the face of the man he killed is all too familiar. And that leaves Killian questioning if he’s going to be able to pop that big question after all.

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