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The year’s last episode of Once Upon a Time before Santa Claus took over the magic game was sure to be a big one, but we have a lot to discuss. Of course, everything is turned upside down when the Evil Queen snags that lamp and throws us into some unchartered, curse-less territory, which is a journey in itself. Catching up with some old faces and how life might have been without the Savior drama keeping Flower-Picking Princess Emma down? Definitely a trip… But that big reveal? Like I said… There’s a lot to discuss.

Once Upon an Episode…

We kick things off with Hook, Regina, and Emma taking a walk with the sword that’s ultimately going to be used to kill Emma. Because nothing is sacred, they stumble upon the Evil Queen at Robin’s grave. Of course, the Evil Queen antagonizes Regina, saying Robin’s death was the best thing that happened to the two of them. She takes a second jab at Snow and Charming, causing Emma to lose her cool. She takes a swipe at the Evil Queen with the sword and hits her face. She turns to apologize to Regina, but she’s unharmed. That’s right, y’all. That sword can finally take out the Evil Queen.

Retreated, Emma makes her plan to take out the Evil Queen, but Henry is against it. Moms are important, ya know? Emma insists this is her calling, though, so she makes her way into the street. It looks close to the setting portrayed when Emma is killed, but of course Snow is missing napping. Charming, Hook, and Emma hear a scream from Granny’s, and when they appear, they find Jasmine tied up. The Evil Queen appears with the lamp and decides to make the three wishes for herself with Genie Aladdin. The first? That Emma’s wish to never be the Savior is granted. As Emma tries to stop it, she’s zapped out of Storybrooke. Seriously… Evil Queen is literally good for nothing except for getting in the way.

Son Of a Rumple

Rumple has no sympathy for the Evil Queen, so he gives Emma a pass on thieving that sword from him and lets her do as she will — Rumple has bigger fish to fry. But just in case, he puts a tracker on the Evil Queen. Essentially, she’s having the WORST time. Back at his place, Rumple takes a strand of hair from Belle’s brush and a pluck of his own, wadding them together to get a vision of where their son is at. And he doesn’t like what he sees.

Rumple goes and finds Belle, who’s definitely not over what Rumple has done to her. But Rumple reveals he tracked their son, and he’s gone. He removes Belle’s tracker to try and gain a little faith and has her call the Mother Superior, who reveals something has indeed happened. They go check on Mother Superior; she’s healing, but also mortified — she came in and took their baby. Who is she? The Black Fairy, y’all. Belle flips out, in the way you would when your mother-in-law thieves your son…but on a magical scale. And where she’s taken him? A super bad place where time doesn’t make sense. Don’t forget that, guys.

Genie Gets What Evil Queen Wants

Unfortunately, Evil Queen has Aladdin on lock after getting ahold of that lamp. She has him make an appletini, which is not a wish, but it’d be a good one because appletinis aren’t the worst drink. The Evil Queen insists this arrangement isn’t the worst — in her own way, Regina is getting what she wants. Regina refuses to toast the Evil Queen, though, because she has something else in store. She realizes she and the Evil Queen are the same person — and for once, that’s not so bad, because it makes them both masters of the lamp. She wishes herself to the same place Emma is.

Back In Storybrooke

In Granny’s, the heroes work together to figure out what has happened to Emma and how to save her. Naturally, Regina steps up to take charge. Regina takes off, leaving Charming, Hook, and Jasmine to come up with a strategy. Charming isn’t taking the situation well, but Hook brings him together long enough for him to develop a plan: He sends Hook to the sheriff’s station.

Charming shows up at the Evil Queen’s place, sliding the sword over to her. She tosses him aside, concluding he can’t kill her, but it’s just enough time for David to get his hands on the lamp, rub it, and make himself Aladdin’s new master. The Evil Queen is not pleased. Aladdin does everyone a solid and reminds us once more that every wish comes with a price, but David says he’s going to only make a wish that affects the Evil Queen. He wishes for the Evil Queen to get everything she deserves, but it appears nothing happens. Tough times. David attempts to stab the Evil Queen, but she puts him in a chokehold as Hook and Henry appear with Jasmine. The Evil Queen disappears, leaving the sword and lamp in safe hands for now.

Charming takes the whole thing pretty hard, but Hook tells him to let it go and kiss his wife. Jasmine and friends show up and offer the lamp to Charming to break the curse with Snow, but Charming turns it down and gives the lamp to Jasmine so they can go back to Agrabah and figure out what’s going on there. Aladdin passes on a pendant to Henry for Emma before transporting the two of them back to Agrabah.

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Elsewhere In an Alternate Universe

If you thought Storybrooke was eventful, let’s chat about Flower Emma.

Emma awakes in the kingdom with the most ridiculous accent, but I’m not here to judge a princess. It’s her birthday, and she’s wished for nothing because she has everything she wants. Snow and Charming are a bit older because time has happened. Emma vaguely remembers her past, but just as a dream. And when she woke up, of course, she found that sword under her bed. She’s interrupted by Henry, who’s getting knighted tomorrow. Princess Emma tells him his father would be very proud of him, and we get a handsome flash of bae. Miss you, friend.

Regina’s jump into the alternate universe seems like a great idea, but again… She and the Evil Queen are the same person, so when she runs into dwarves, looking modernly fresh, the only thing they see is the Evil Queen. She continues, stumbling upon a statue commemorating the defeat of the Evil Queen. Even Regina giggles a bit about it. The only thing more absurd is when she stumbles upon Flower Emma, collecting daisies and humming. She tries to reason with Emma, but Snow and Charming attack her and threaten her life.

The Evil Queen disappears to her castle to find Rumple still in his cell, and he’s super psyched to see her. She asks for Rumple’s help, and he’s mostly just disappointed in her. But Regina can’t be bothered — she says this world isn’t real. Rumple is intrigued and offers to help for a price: his freedom. She declines, but Rumple says it’s not a big deal if this world isn’t real. She understands the logic, but still says no. That’s when Rumple drops the truth that Emma chose to become the Savior because of her. Well, not Regina, but the Evil Queen. He reveals that if she reveals her inner darkness, it would reveal her inner Savior. She attempts to leave again, but Rumple says even with all that information, she still can’t get back to…Storybrooke. That’s right, Fake Rumple knows the name. So, he says he has a magic bean to get her back, and she lets him free. With that, Regina transforms into high-pony Evil Queen (the only one that matters) to try and jog Emma’s psyche.

The following day, Emma, Snow, and Charming unite before the people for Henry’s knighting. With all that’s going on, it’s hard to ignore just how grown-up Henry looks as he’s being knighted. But as it all begins to wind down, Regina appears as the Evil Queen, giving some serious déjà vu as she sashays down toward the family. She freezes Snow and Charming in their tracks, saying it’d be great if a hero could stop her. Flower Emma, being pointless, begs for mercy, but Regina takes Snow and Charming away, and it seems to do the trick.


After a brief catch-up session where Regina informs Emma she was a singing princess (and Regina’s side eye, by the way, is iconic), she tells Emma it’s time to go home. She gets her secret bean from the dark one, but as they attempt to head home, they’re interrupted by Robin Hood. The time passes for Emma and Regina to leave, as Regina is entranced by Robin’s arrival.

Out In the Streets Of Storybrooke

The Evil Queen walks into the street to exact the revenge she wants, but while waiting for her chance, Granny’s becomes a portal. Out from the door walks the hooded figure who apparently is not one to be reckoned with. The Evil Queen asks about the hooded figure’s identity, but all we see is a blast of magic that leaves our girl EQ a cobra in a cage. When the cobra cage is brought to Hook and Charming with the Evil Queen inside, they figure the Evil Queen has gotten what she deserved in the form of the hooded figure — who appears before Belle and Rumple only to say, “Hello, mother. Hello, father.” That’s right, guys. It would appear Gideon is wielding the sword that takes out our girl Emma. We need to get her back to the flowers.

Episode grade: A-

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