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May 16, 2016 at 02:48 AM EDT

It’s been a whirlwind of a year on Once Upon A Time. We’ve traveled to the Underworld and back; we’ve lost heroes…and everyone knows by now that a season finale usually ends with the introduction to a new world or a new set of heroes. After almost six years, what can Once offer that’s new and different in the world of fairytales?

Ah, good ‘n’ evil! (If you get that reference, sing along with me.)

We start off the hour with a smartly dressed but upset Regina, who is mourning Robin at Granny’s, along with the town. Henry is approached by Violet (remember Violet, the almost-girlfriend?), who redeems herself by telling him how worried she was when he went to the Underworld. Man, teenage make-ups…so easy. While everyone is mourning, Rumple brings Pandora’s Box to the clocktower, promising Belle that he’ll wake her up. But since her father refused to help, he needs more power. Enter Hades’ crystal, which Gold tethers to Storybrooke so it can absorb all the magic. In hindsight, this is clearly a GREAT idea.

While Emma is attempting to offer Regina words of comfort, everyone realizes Gold has done some powerful magic, which makes Hook (who has been waiting outside out of respect for the situation because, remember, no one knows he’s back) rush inside. Regina is rightfully pissed Emma of all people gets her happy ending AGAIN while Regina loses everything she loves AGAIN, but right now there are more important things to deal with, like Rumple wanting all the magic in Storybrooke. The group goes to the clocktower to investigate, and Emma tries to get Regina to sit this one out, much like her family tried to get Emma to stay behind when she was distraught over Hook. Regina is pissed because “when you’re upset, we follow you to hell. When I’m upset, I get a timeout.” Look, she has a very valid point. (Emma then tells Henry, who overhears his parents arguing, to go home and stay out of this. Which is not helpful, either.)

Henry meets Violet in Rumple’s pawn shop and tells her magic is a problem. It’s a terrible dark thing, it killed his mom’s lover, and it’s going to tear his parents apart. Say it with me: All magic is bad! Violet gets on board by saying her mother died from magic, and Henry asks her to go with him on a road trip. “It’s like a quest on a bus.” Which is actually kind of accurate, and I wish I had used that excuse when I was road-tripping in 2009. Anyway, apparently they can fix it. How? Operation: Mixtape. They’re going to DESTROY MAGIC. He takes out the author’s pen and writes himself as having the crystal.

Regina interrupts the group’s recon session by alerting them that Henry is gone. But fear not! Henry has texted his parents exactly what he’s doing, and Rumple shows up to confirm that. They soon realize this is very, very bad. Because the crystal is tethered to Storybrooke, if Henry destroys it, he destroys all magic. And since Gold is intent on finding Henry and giving him hell, they have to find him first. Regina sets out to do just that because she just lost Robin and can’t lose her son, too. But Emma shows her up: SHE’S the 21st-century mom who put GPS on his phone, which is actually smart considering how many times Henry runs away. Where does the phone show him going? Boston, which is a great road trip in the yellow bug for Regina and Emma…that we obviously don’t see. I imagine it’s as magical as that unseen 18-hour drive in a VW bug from Bucharest to Germany in Captain America: Civil War, though.

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Everything you’ve ever read about fairy tales is true—the residents of Storybrooke are living proof.
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