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Our heroes finally leave the Underworld behind... but not every ending is happy

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May 02, 2016 at 02:26 AM EDT

It’s deals and betrayal on Once Upon a Time as we approach the final two weeks of season 5. So it’s fitting, naturally, that we pick up with Emma (and everyone else) asking WHAT? when they learn Regina has told her sister to pursue her love with Hades. Hey, Regina’s just trying to make nice with her family and keep those sisterly bonds tight after last week’s mother-daughter trip down memory lane.

Anyway, Hades shows up and asks for help. No, really. He genuinely asks the group for help, despite the fact it looks like it’s killing him to do so. But he’s got a reason to appeal to the people he hates: When he went to meet Zelena for their date, she wasn’t there because she had been kidnapped by Pan and Rumple. See, Rumple is still upset about Hades and that contract regarding his unborn child, and now he feels even worse because of Belle’s situation. So if they can help save Zelena, Hades will do the ultimate good guy deed: He’ll take their names off the tombstones, which will allow them to leave Underbrooke.

Hades goes to Granny’s, where Rumple shows up with Pan and Zelena (who has been rendered magic-less due to the cuff). For all intents and purposes, the issue is resolved pretty easily: Hades is true to his word and tears up his contract, and when Pan tries to take Zelena’s heart, Emma saves him. Zelena’s touched Hades tore up the contract just for her, and like beauty falling in love with a beast, Hades heart starts beating again for the first time in forever. He’s found true love again and his punishment is over, which means he can now return to the land of living. No, really. He says there’s a portal in the cemetery that will open and bring them back to Storybrooke.

And, in the continuing theme of Hades being truthful, there is. Well, there’s a clocktower that’s migrated there that will serve as a portal. Hades does take their names off the tombstones, though, despite Hook’s suspicion. There’s just one more order of business: Being actually dead, Hook needs a beating heart to survive out of Underbrooke. Regina tells Emma to split her own heart in half, but it doesn’t work because unfortunately for Hook, he’s been dead too long. His soul has left his body, which means he’s kind of screwed. Emma can’t believe no one has ever gone to the Underworld and NOT brought someone back, and Hades reluctantly tells the story about Morpheus and Eurydice, the only two people who escaped the realm via the aid of ambrosia. But in order to get the ambrosia, you need to take a special elevator to the depths of hell that even Hades doesn’t go through, and there’s a test that you have to take to get it. Only those who are worthy of the ambrosia can take it… and you have to offer up your heart.

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Henry doesn’t want to leave the Underworld because they haven’t saved enough people. As the author, he thinks he can do some good and help people move on with their unfinished business, since a lot of them don’t know why they’re here. Regina is at first wary, but her good soul wins out, and she agrees to help him. Robin shows up with his daughter, and Regina fills him in on the situation and convinces him to give Zelena the baby to take back through the portal because they’re sisters and they can trust each other now. Robin complies, but he’s definitely not happy about it, and I’m sensing that Regina and Robin are going to have some tension between them that not even magic can fix. Rumple, meanwhile, is dealing with a pissy father, as Pan wants the heart he was promised. Pan offers Rumple Pandora’s box, telling his father to bring him the heart before the portal closes at sunset. Rumple shows up and takes Robin’s heart, because poor Robin just hasn’t been through enough lately.

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