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After seven years of addiction, Nurse Jackie comes to an end.

June 29, 2015 at 01:32 AM EDT

And so it ends. Seven seasons of Nurse Jackie literally came to that: an end. But before we ponder the meaning of it all, let’s take a look back at the fateful last day at All Saints.  

Starting off the day with a prayer to “make me good” (followed by a pill-shaped amen), Jackie is in a great mood: Not only is she back in good graces and enjoying friendly banter with Kevin and the girls, but O’Hara (Eve Best) surprises her by arriving with her adorable son for Fiona’s confirmation. (Can we all just agree that despite how much we hated her move, England looks damn good on O’Hara?)

O’Hara is ready for a girls’ day, which Jackie decides should be spent at All Saints (it’s the hospital’s last day), and the two arrive to a flurry of excitement from the gang when they see their favorite doctor back in the ER. (“It’s like she took a handful of fairy dust and threw it everywhere!” Thor exclaims, as Zoey squeals and Carrie introduces herself in a British accent, because obviously.) Seeing O’Hara back makes me miss her all over again. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Jackie’s day just keeps getting better, as she learns she’s gotten a job at Bellevue Hospital (how she got a job so quickly after that whole Diversion mess is questionable, but let’s go with it, because this is the end and I don’t want to question anything), and she excitedly asks Zoey to join her. Zoey hesitates and stutters out some excuse about needing to figure things out with grad school, but it’s clear she just doesn’t want to go. Why? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Eddie has secured the services of Jackie’s lawyer, Barry Wolfe, to help him out of the whole drug dealer mess, but in the deposition it becomes clear that he’s screwed. It seems that the investigators recently searched the pain management center and discovered not only a large batch of the meds that were checked out to Eddie, but video surveillance of him on the premises. Not even the most lethal Wolfe can protect him now.

Wolfe knows that they’re just trying to use Eddie to get to Dr. Wu and advises him to cooperate, but Eddie, who has spent seven years in Jackie’s pocket (so to speak), refuses, knowing that the investigation will lead back to her. Talk about an addict.

Back at All Saints, O’Hara can sense that something is off with Zoey (because she’s O’Hara) and the two have a quiet moment that quickly turns revealing. Zoey discloses Jackie’s relapse, arrest, Diversion, and the daily pee tests she had to supervise to O’Hara, who is clearly hearing about all of this for the first time (which seems shocking to me). Zoey confides, “Sometimes I’d think, What would O’Hara do?” Here’s what O’Hara would do: ask Zoey how she’s doing and give her a big hug, which is what I’ve wanted to do since April.

Jackie is still bouncing around the hospital with a goofy grin on her face (Bellevue! Best friend! Baked!) when O’Hara catches her and calls her out. Jackie immediately insists she’s better “Relapse, Diversion, lies, jail! That’s not ‘better,’ that’s opera!” O’Hara points out. (Did I mention how much I’ve missed her?) Jackie continues her argument by reiterating she’s at “her best,” which isn’t the smartest thing to say to your best friend who knows that being at your “best” means you are definitely using.

When she suggests that maybe Jackie shouldn’t be a nurse anymore, Jackie is livid and gives her the standard party line. “Being a nurse is who I am!” she tries, which O’Hara brushes off with an excellent observation about Jackie hiding behind that mantra and reminds her that she’s so much more. WWOHD? Be the only one to not accept Jackie’s lies and deceptions, call her out on it, walk out the door, and yet somehow remain a friend. 

NEXT: Dr. Prince saves the day, but can anyone save Jackie?

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