Jackie's judgment day arrives early, but will Eddie mess it up?
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We’ve spent seven seasons rooting for Jackie. Some of us have been rooting for her to overcome her addiction and finally find honesty in her life, while others have been rooting for her to finally have to face some real consequences. With the way this episode ended, and with only two episodes left, I’m not so sure either is going to happen.

A sweet morning at home (Eddie is writing his own vows!) is interrupted by a man from Eddie’s pharmaceutical company (whom I was sure was Ned Ryerson for a second from the way he acted) who’s come to investigate. It seems there is a big discrepancy between the number of drug samples Eddie has checked out and the number of physician’s signatures he’s collected. You don’t say. Eddie laughs it off and explains it by saying he sucks at paperwork, but when the drug sniffing dogs are brought in, it’s not so funny anymore. Noticing a stray pill on the floor, Eddie diverts the man’s attention while Jackie quickly pops it into her mouth before the dog gets to her. Facepalm.

After the overly-cheerful-yet-suddenly-suspicious man leaves Eddie with a warning, Jackie spits out the pill (her not swallowing it speaks volumes on her miraculous recovery, BTW), but not before a bit dissolves on her tongue. Frantically eating bread and drinking water so her daily urine test won’t come back positive, Eddie suggests she just call in sick. Great idea, except wouldn’t you know it, her hotshot lawyer got her nursing license hearing moved up to today.

After confiding in Wolfe that there may be a small trace of drugs in her system (but assuring him she’s clean), he advises her to stop talking. Good plan. Jackie’s nervous, but Zoey is not. Having drunk a full bottle of Jackie juice last episode, she’s not only enrolled in more classes, but she’s confident that her “Diversion superstar” and renewed BFF will soon be her fellow nurse again. There’s only one small problem: She needs a urine sample from Jackie before the hearing.

Wolfe saves Jackie by telling Zoey they need to prep for the hearing, but Gloria, who is still on her mission to bring Jackie down, is (rightfully) suspicious. Speaking of Gloria, Wolfe has found some skeletons in her closet and is prepared to use them against her in the hearing, but Jackie doesn’t want to even though Wolfe tells her she’s got to do what it takes to get her license back. (He clearly doesn’t know her very well, does he?)

After yet another failed attempt by Zoey to get a urine sample, the hearing finally starts. As Jackie begins addressing the board with a clichéd speech about how she loves helping people and respects the Diversion program, Dr. Prince and Thor burst into the room. Dr. Prince, who has been suffering some adverse effects from his brain tumor, blurts out that Jackie recently worked traumas and was instrumental in saving people’s lives. “It was like MASH, what a show! Not at all like the movie. Both were great, don’t get me wrong.” He continues rambling on about Hawkeye until Wolfe admits that Jackie did, indeed, touch patients, but that she also did, indeed, save their lives. The adoration for Jackie is halted, however, when Gloria points out that Jackie has not given a urine sample today. Spoilsport.

In the bathroom, Jackie admits the morning’s events to Zoey, who, as expected, is confused and hurt. If last week’s episode of Nurse Jackie should be Merritt Wever’s Emmy submission, then this week’s should be Edie Falco’s. Her impassioned bathroom speech about why she’d never risk her job and how she’ll forever be an addict is convincing enough to win over Zoey—again—so I’m betting it would do the same for the Academy. “Do you trust me?” Jackie asks. Zoey answers by pulling down her own pants and sitting on the toilet herself. BFFs for life!

Despite the negative drug tests (all of them, yay!), Jackie’s fate is still in balance as Gloria steps in to make sure the board knows she’s a hopeless cause because she’s engaged to a pharmaceutical rep. Wolfe shouts some lawyer-y words like “irrelevant!” and “heresay!” and “unfounded suspicions!” while Gloria calls Jackie a liar and tells him that his client makes bad choices that cost her her career, her husband, and her daughters. Oh no she di’int. Jackie pulls out the red folder of skeletons and feeds Gloria to the Wolfe, who discloses that Gloria has a son who is not only an addict but is currently wanted on suspicion of grand larceny. There’s more legal terms like “misplaced vendetta” and “defamation” thrown around, and then Wolfe delivers his final blow by pointing out that Gloria’s nursing license expired over a month ago. Poor Gloria. There’s so much more to her character that I wish we had time to explore, don’t you?

The verdict is in, and after a clever play by Showtime to lead us to believe her life as a nurse is over, we see Jackie victoriously re-outfitted in her blue scrubs, strutting down the hospital hallway, tossing back a few pills (I really, really hope I’m wrong and they are Skittles, but I’m not counting on it). Nurse Jackie is back y’all, and it looks like she’s not as “new and improved” as we’ve been led to believe.

In other news:

Karlsen finds Jackie and tells her he’s the one who (literally) called the dogs on Eddie, and also gets turned down by Carrie—again.

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