Kennex and Dorian protect a woman from an advanced bullet that can seek out its target anywhere

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January 14, 2014 at 10:02 AM EST

Before we get started, this is your weekly reminder that Fox has been airing episodes of Almost Human out of order. This week’s outing, “You Are Here,” is actually episode two, which explains the return to the Insyndicate plot thread set up in the pilot. It also explains why Kennex is acting a bit out of character this week.

So let’s bite the bullet and get started!

We jump right into the action this week to find a man named Anton racing through the city. (It’s fun to see the little bits of Minority Report-esque futuristic tech around the city. We’ve been getting less of that in recent episodes, which makes me think the show has already blown through its effects budget.) After being stopped by an officer, Anton announces, urgently, that “they’re going to kill me.” Suddenly, a bullet crashes through the window and takes out Anton.

Next we find Kennex in an unlikely place — an anger management session. (I love the flying coffee delivery roomba robot. Let’s give him a name. Perhaps CoffeX?) John puts on a big fake smile and says he’s doing just fine, thank you very much. The counselor counters by offering up a huge info dump about Kennex’s ex-girlfriend Anna. In case you forgot she ever existed (which is reasonable since absolutely no one, Kennex included, ever mentions her), Anna was secretly working for Insyndicate, the criminal organization behind the ambush in episode one that cost Kennex his partner and his leg. Had this episode actually aired after the pilot as it was supposed to, the bits about Anna would’ve helped to heighten Kennex’s distrust of the MXs and Dorian. (The whole thread about Kennex blaming the MXs for his partner’s death has basically been dropped.) But now that we’re eight episodes in the Anna stuff feels pretty random. Anyway, Kennex’s inappropriate comments towards the other folks in the session were amusing. (Poor Marty!)

Later at the crime scene, Dorian and Detective Paul’s MX  disagree over how the bullet that killed Anton traveled. The MX reminds Kennex that Dorian’s model was discontinued and is therefore “inferior.” Kennex responds to the MX’s hectoring by blowing its head off. (Seriously, someone needs to make a supercut of all the MX destruction scenes. They are the best.)

Back at the station, Maldonado has no problem whatsoever with Kennex’s random destruction of what is probably a very expensive piece of robotic hardware. Just kidding! She’s furious, as is Det. Paul, who threatens to do the same to Dorian. Kennex is angry that Maldonado has made him work with a faulty android partner and goes on a rant about how the MXs are not cops, but “bullet catchers.” Now that we’ve established Dorian and Kennex’s partnership, this rant feels strangely out of character. It would’ve made sense in the second episode when Kennex was still wary of Dorian. But FOX had to go and jump to the sexbot episode (technically the fifth episode in the production order) following the pilot because, you know, it’s FOX and we can’t expect them to resist sexbots right out of the gate.

NEXT: Insyndicate is back!

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