Who has time for a love triangle when the world's about to end?

By Ruth Kinane
January 03, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST
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There’s nothing like a good love triangle to stir things up in any rom-com, but when the world is fast coming to an end, is there really time to dillydally over who is more worthy of your heart, Evie? (CLEARLY, it’s the ruggedly handsome — yet possibly delusional — Aussie.) Alright, let’s dive right in and see who’s the winner of Evie’s affections.

Remember last week when Xavier couldn’t get ahold of Evie to tell her the good news that he’d made amends with his dad? Yes, because she was too busy making out with Sweet Tea. Well, Xavier still really wants to tell Evie about his progress and so he heads over to her place to tell her in person. He’s buzzing, telling her they can book that trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights now that he’s confronted his baggage like she wanted him to — but then Evie interrupts to break it to him that she kissed Sweat Tea. Xavier’s response? “On purpose?” Ha! Poor, Sweet Tea! But I have to admit Xavier has a point. (Team X all the way.)

A disgruntled Xavier has no intention of being part of a love triangle. He heads back to his trailer to discover some ugly feet protruding from his bed. Thankfully it’s just cousin Jesse — the ex-convict we met back in the second episode when Xavier broke him out of prison, and they all had a blast jumping off some cliffs together. He’s back! Thanks to Jesse testifying against another inmate, he’s now legally free, so he and Xavier are also at liberty to do all the fun stuff they’d planned. Xavier expresses his dismay at having wasted his limited days in a relationship when he could’ve been spending his time doing all the adventurous items on his apocalist. The boys decide not to waste another second and head off to the bottom of Lake Washington to fish for golf balls. Apparently, they haven’t heard of beach resorts or theme parks.

The next day at Cybermart, Evie is convincing herself she doesn’t want to be caught up in a love triangle either and that it’s for the best that she and Sweet Tea are giving it a go. She’s leaving her relationship with Xavier behind — just because he fixed things with his dad doesn’t negate all the lies he told her. So while she snuggles up with Sweet Tea over some homemade Mediterranean food, Xavier and Jesse partake in a spot of  sumo wrestling. That is until Jesse heads off on a date with a woman named Amber (her name matches her aura) who makes her own jewelry, of course, and really like Jesse’s hipster hair.

Both our asteroid-crossed lovers find themselves alone and forlornly gazing at that mutual, unchecked item on their lists: See the Northern Lights. It doesn’t take long for Xavier to realize Evie’s what he’s always been missing in his life. He traveled the world, but came back for a reason: He was lonely. And so, on Jesse’s encouragement, he decides to “put a little try into that love triangle” and fight to win Evie back.

That means crashing Evie and Sweet Tea’s piano bar date — the scene of their first date 10 years ago — where they’re enjoying inside jokes and mutual longterm goals; precisely what Evie has been missing with doomsday Xavier. Speaking of, up pops the apocalypse crier himself to ruin the moment as he takes to the keys to win Evie back. But it turns out Sweet Tea is a man of many talents himself — he gets on the opposing piano.

What follows is an unintentionally lovely duet that ends somewhat violently when Sweet Tea leaps over the pianos Spiderman-style to attack a goading Xavier. When the men look up from their duel/duet/brawl, they realize Evie has walked out. They catch up to her, and she tells the men (boys?) that they’re all going to agree to act like adults and she’ll date them both until she figures out with whom she wants to be. At this point Sweet Tea should really just bow out; we’ve all seen how good Xavier is with crazy romantic gestures and that was before he was competing against someone else.

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True to form, Xavier’s date is taking Evie out on a seaplane. Naturally, the No. 1 item on Xavier’s list was getting his pilot’s license. (Seriously, Sweet Tea can you beat that?) He even passes the controls to Evie at one point since flying a plane was on her list. And — just to make it even more romantic — the sun’s setting as they fly.

Xavier’s won; it’s is in the bag… or so it seems. Once Evie asks Xavier what happens if the asteroid doesn’t hit, things go south. He tells her it doesn’t matter, that there’s no point preparing for a future that won’t happen. Evie, however, needs him to entertain it as a possibility. She tells him that she doesn’t know if she can see a future with Sweet Tea, but if Xavier can’t even conceive of one for himself, she doesn’t know how to make the relationship work between them.

While Xavier struggles with the concept of any kind of future, Sweet Tea comes over to tell Evie he firmly believes in their future together, but admits that right now their timing is off. They’re both coming into their own and he needs time to get his career on track, but he tells Evie that in five months, when the world doesn’t end, they should talk.

Meanwhile, Cybermart’s other couples are caught up with pending nuptials. Kareema can’t go through with her marriage to Sofia until she gets her brother’s blessing, so arranges a pillow fight showdown between them to clear the air. Hey, each to their own. Miraculously, it works and Rohan gives his sister his blessing, though he still can’t attend the wedding as he deems it too painful.

Wedding number two, between Deirdre and Three-Pete, is deep in the planning stages. Only Deirdre’s a little stressed by the whole process. Groom-to-be, Three-Pete takes all the arrangements off her hands… and promptly dumps them in those of her new assistant, Daphne. Luckily for Deirdre, Hank overhears and since he knows Deirdre’s tastes so well, he steps in to ensure she gets the most perfect wedding possible.

And perfect it is, until Daphne lets it slip to Deirdre that Hank put most of it together. Sensing Deirdre’s hesitation, Three-Pete wants to know for sure if they should definitely be re-re-tying the knot because if not, he’d rather use the money he’ll spend on legal fees for a third divorce on a trip to Ireland — he’s a huge fan of the Lord of the Dance himself, Michael Flatley.

With that, their wedding is off, but since all the preparations are already made, Kareema and Sofia step in and use the ceremony for their own. (Fortunately Deirdre had two very similar white pantsuits that she couldn’t choose between so both brides are suitably attired and ready to wed.) It’s beautiful. Even Kareema tears up. As does Evie, though there’s no huge surprise there.

Which leads Evie back to… Xavier. While Evie’s been at the wedding, he’s sought out advice from Jesse, who told him he’s being a wimp and to stop being a coward and let some hope in. After all, if Evie was willing to go up in a seaplane for him, he should be willing to entertain the idea of a future for her. So here he is on Evie’s stoop, ready to share what his dream for the future would be. It includes having a big family — probably five kids —  living on a farm, and making his own goat cheese. I knew I was Team X for a good reason: cheese.

Xavier says that he realizes he asked Evie to live in the moment, but never asked her what her future would look like. And so Evie decides to show him what she wants her future to be by introducing him to her loved-up, fun-loving grandparents. While Evie and her grandmother carry out some bonkers dance moves, the men look on and Evie’s grandfather tells Xavier it gets better with every year.

Apparently the promise of years of berserk dancing from Evie is enough to convince Xavier he wants more of a future and he begins searching for another astrophysicist to look at his theory — to prove him wrong this time. He doesn’t feel liberated by the idea of the world being over anymore. Now that he’s met Evie, and let hope into his life, he needs to find a way to stop the asteroid because all he wants is to spend a lifetime with her. Awww. But what if it’s too late? Can you change a the course of an asteroid in less than five months? Guess we’ll find out next week!

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