On the ''Nip/Tuck'' season finale, Escobar has a very personal assignment for McNamara/Troy; plus, Sean moves to L.A. but can't get away from Christian

By Tim Stack
January 04, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
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The ”Nip/Tuck” season finale: Family business

Well, Nip/Tuck-ians, we wrapped up the fourth season of the plastic-surgery crazy-o-rama last night, and as usual, there were good and bad moments. In all, the episode left me a little underwhelmed. Anyone else feel that way? It just seemed relatively tame for a finale, especially when you learn it was directed and cowritten by series creator Ryan Murphy. At the same time, it was kinda nice to not have the show go so over-the-top as it did in season 3. I guess I can’t have it both ways.

The episode mainly dealt with the return of Escobar, who wanted Christian and Sean to operate on his dear wife, Gala. First of all, did anyone else notice that Gala was played by former MTV VJ Idalis? Girlfriend has avoided the Martha Quinn curse, that’s for damn sure! I actually couldn’t place her until I read the press release from the fine folks at FX. Anyways, Gala had taken over Escobar’s business while he was in prison, during which time she was kidnapped and tortured by some enemies of his. They mutilated her breasts, and Escobar wanted Sean and Christian to do the reconstructive surgery. Of course, Sean and Christian declined, not wanting to get involved with Escobar again.

But the drug dealer had another card to play: Michelle. He told her that her debt would be wiped clean if she performed the surgery on Gala. I’m over this whole debt situation, and, thankfully, Murphy and his staff seem to be as well. Instead, Christian, Sean, and Liz stepped in to operate on Gala. Poor Liz had to help out with surgery on the wife of the man who ordered her kidney stolen. That’s way worse than a bad breakup with Alanis Morissette. But Liz had a bit of revenge when she lashed out at Gala in the recovery room. That scene was really great, and it revealed Gala to be a very complex lady. I hope we see more of her next season. Liz wasn’t content to let things slide, though, and eventually pulled a gun on Escobar. Chickening out, she handed the gun to Gala, who instead shot him. Recalling the series’ pilot episode, Christian, Troy, and Liz disposed of Escobar’s body by tying hams to it and leaving it in a swamp for an alligator to eat. All I have to say is it’s about time, because I could not look at that man’s disgusting face anymore. It gave me the willies.

Besides the drug-dealer drama, the episode had Sean coming to terms with moving to California. He packed up his house and said goodbye to Matt, while also telling his son to ditch Kimber. Sadly, he offered no advice to Matt on his scary eyebrows. Come on, Sean. You’re giving the kid a big hunk of money — why can’t you impart a little grooming wisdom?

The most odd/memorable moment of the night came when the entire cast began lip-synching, à la Magnolia, to the song ”Brighter Discontent,” by the Submarines. What the hell was that about? I mean I’m always up for a musical number, but this felt a little awkward. But at least they’re taking chances. I guess.

This whole Escobar situation only made things worse for Michelle and Christian, as they weren’t ready to come clean with each other about their dubious pasts. By the end of the episode, Christian had joined Sean in Los Angeles to open McNamara/Troy: L.A. I think this promises to keep the show interesting next season. They needed to change the scenery and infuse the show with some new blood.

What do you think? How did this season finale stack up against previous ones? Will Christian and Michelle get back together? And is this the last we’ll see of Gala Gallardo?

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