A journalist with a shocking story is targeted by Division; guess who rushes to her rescue?
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Nobody said being a journalist was a safe profession. Sure, there may not be the same obvious risks involved as there are for police officers, firefighters, or even Elephant trainers, but there is the possibility you can be tailed by a secret government organization, thrown into a covert black-ops cover-up, and forced to leave your life in the hands of some strange woman named “Nikita” who lets you sleep in her bed and wakes you up to the warm aroma of “java” in the morning. (Be wary, nobody calls it “java” anymore.)

The Division’s target this week was just that: a freelance journalist named Jill Morelli, who had access to incriminating video footage about an AirMerica plane crash in the Appalachian Mountains, which thanks to a convenient forest fire, mysteriously resulted in no casualties and no wreckage. (If a plane falls in a forest fire… ) Morelli pitched the video to The Guardian Post, hoping to expose the reality of the situation: AirAmerica was using passenger planes to smuggle and transport cocaine. Jill, the ambitious reporter looking for her big break, was a messenger of sorts, and thus needed to be destroyed.

Division framed Jill for the murder of The Post‘s editor, whom they shot in cold blood right in front of her. Thanks to her well-trained Double Agent Alex, Nikita was able to hustle to Jill’s rescue, then committed to protecting Jill from that moment forward.

But this was the third time Nikita had interfered with one of Division’s missions, so there had to be a mole feeding her information from the inside, yes? Because of his recent interaction (kidnapping) Birkhoff (aka the resident tech geek — which is obvious because he wears a hoodie and drinks Red Bull and is basically a walking billboard for tech-geek cliches!) was pegged as a possibility. So off to Interrogation By Amanda (the awesome Melinda Clarke) he went.

Amanda: Ever since she held you hostage, Nikita has had access to highly confidential information.

Birkhoff: She told me she wanted to burn down Division. I told her she was insane.

But did he have feelings for Nikita, Amanda asked? Was he jealous that he didn’t get to spar with her himself, and instead was stuck looking on from the bleachers his computer chair? Nope, it turns out he just had a tiny wireless transmitter planted in his tooth (don’t you hate it when that happens?), courtesy of Nikita. “I’m not the mole, genius, it’s my molar,” he cracked. “Second bicuspid, actually, lower left” Again, Melinda Clarke is awesome.

Nikita kept Jill safe, and helped her get in touch with her mysterious video source Benjamin, the “hipster-cute” college student from at a Virginia university. The ladies traveled south together to secure the footage, while Michael had his recruits (Alex, Jaden, Thom) work to crack their target’s location. (Wait they were doing this for real? They were actually locating Nikita and Jill? Look this situation up on Twitter: #DoubleAgentFAIL). Of course, Benjamin ended up being a lame duck (we hardly knew ye, hipster cutie). Jill looked terrified, as if she were thinking about what her future with Nikita would entail (or how long it would last before the crazy chica set her up on a blind date with death.)

NEXT: “We have to check out that new wine bar this weekend!”

Once Michael arrived on the scene, his face-off with Nikita’s was anticlimactic. Anyone starting to see a pattern with this pair? Yes, Nikita is a trained fighter who can clearly handle herself, but it felt strange seeing Shane West raise his hand to a woman (what would Jamie say?). Michael tried to convince Nikita that she was making a mistake going rogue, but girl has a one-track mind. And it’s not like she’s left open the possibility of making nicey-nice with her Division bosses anyway. So with that, she knocked Michael unconscious, picked herself up, and sauntered out of the house to disrupt the lives of her Division rivals for another day.

Back in New York, Nikita met up with Jill (in the parking garage, the set of the original murder) and encouraged her to stop looking into AirMerica. But she’s an intrepid journalist; she must tell her story! Plus, she a freelancer, so she needs a paycheck. Well too bad, because Nikita didn’t really care. How bad-ass was the way she stole and smashed Jill’s recorder? Looks like there won’t be a followup article after all.

A few lingering thoughts:

–I loved when Nikita played office dress-up in order to secure a location for Jill’s phone call with her source. Everything from the pencil skirts, blouses, and boxed salads was perfect, but I laughed out loud as they tried to fit in amongst their fellow twentysomething cubicle dwellers: “We have to check out that new wine bar this weekend!” Seriously, writers?

–I want to know more about the Amanda-Nikita backstory? Birkhoff’s “You’re the one that screwed the pooch, Amanda” made it pretty clear that Amanda is the reason Nikita left Division.

— Alex once again updated Nikita on her day via Operations’ old-timey computer. Aren’t they worried someone might be able to read the history of those messages? I didn’t see girlfriend clearing her cache.

–Before bedtime at Division, Thom gave Alex the gift of a CD player, something they used in ancient times (wait, what year is it? Division’s decor make me think they’re living in a futuristic, dystopian set of Oliver). Nothing happened, but I’m hopeful that these two will spend more time together, which will obviously put Alex’s mole duties in jeopardy, but…the heart wants what the heart wants.

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