When a major heat waves takes to the loft, things heat up literally and romantically
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Things heated up on this week’s episode of New Girl, literally and romantically.

There’s a major heat wave going on, and the loftmates are looking for any sort of relief. Nick takes a “ranch system for cooling” approach to the warmth, while Reagan is much more practical and buys an air conditioner. Her option is clearly the better one, but their bickering on the matter leads them to confront their feelings for each other. And speaking of confrontation, Cece has an audition that she bails on, so Winston teaches Schmidt how to give her tough love and convince her to pursue an acting career.

Here are the top 5 loft-iest moments from “Heat Wave”:

Attempts to stay cool in the heat wave. The loftmates will do anything to stay cool during a terrible heat wave, and Nick really takes the “anything” to another level with his ranch approach, which is essentially a bunch of fans, a kiddy pool, and white pants. Reagan gives it a go, but is clearly not impressed. She then brings in an air conditioner to put in her room and tells everyone they’re welcome to hang and enjoy it. “Finally we can stop living like people in a beer commercial before the beer shows up,” Schmidt says. But Nick immediately says, on behalf of himself and everyone else, that they won’t be using it. Needless to say, that doesn’t last long and the loftmates soon head to Reagan’s room where, in an ironic twist, they put on ski jackets because it’s getting too chilly.

The cop voices. Cece has an audition, which she decides to flake on. Schmidt is supportive, but Winston feels he needs to push Cece to go, to use tough love like Winston does as a cop. To dish out said tough love, Winston uses his “cop voice” to find out why Cece won’t go to the audition. It turns out she’s afraid she’s not good enough (sad). Eventually, Schmidt dishes out some tough love of his own, with his own cop voice (hilarious). Cece doesn’t take it well, but she does eventually make it to the audition (more on that below).

Nick and Reagan kiss! From the start, it’s been clear that Nick has a huge crush on Reagan, and there have been small signs that the feelings might be reciprocated (like when they bonded over burritos, or when they went to drinks together in the last episode). Reagan confronts Nick about the crush; he says she must have a crush, too, because she keeps checking in to see how he’s handling the heat. Their bickering continues, but Nick eventually tells her that she was right about a lot of things… his crush being one of them. Then, they kiss! (But like, what happens when Jess returns? Oh, the drama.)

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Schmidt washes his entire body with face wash. Add this to the list of Schmidt’s quirky habits. When Cece gets back from the audition, she tells him, “It was legitimately terrible, but not because I’m not talented. I went to the bar first, so I was wasted and wearing shorts, which I won’t do next time.” She thanks him for pushing her and says they need to do that more, to which he agrees unless it involves this particular habit. “I don’t care that it’s expensive.” He’s so weird.

Cece’s audition. The audition is as terrible as Cece says. The episode ends with her, super sweaty and drunk, trying out for the role of a broadcaster. She’s messing up all the lines, putting on a super intense broadcaster voice, and even puts on deodorant in the middle of the audition. Safe to assume no callback will be happening here.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Science aside, man, you’re working those jeans,” Winston on Nick’s white pants, one part of his ranch system for cooling
  • Winston practicing his cop voice in the bathroom
  • “I hope the Chicago Cubs win the World Series while you’re in a coma,” Reagan says to Nick while they bicker
  • Nick’s fear of rats

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