Reagan faces her fear of breakups, and Nick faces his fear of Reagan
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Reagan (Megan Fox) is all moved into the loft, but isn’t totally settled — or at least she isn’t as settled into the group as the loftmates might have hoped.

Nick is completely smitten with her and Winston desperately wants to befriend her, but she’s not really interested in connecting with the crew; she’s more of the lone-wolf type. Still, Nick continues to make VERY awkward conversation and Winston keeps making desperate invites to hang out.

Eventually, Nick learns to act more normal around Reagan after Schmidt and Cece make up an unusual but hilarious lie to make her seem a little less perfect, and Winston develops a friendship with her by helping her break up with a girl she’d been seeing.

Here are the 5 “loft”-iest moments from “Wig.”

Winston’s fierce determination to befriend Reagan. Winston isn’t one for taking hints. (Remember when Jess told him he was bad at pranks, and then he moved ahead with the tickle foot joke on Big Mama P?) So he keeps trying to get Reagan to hang out with him and the crew, despite her disinterest. The more that she resists, the more he wants to befriend her. “This woman just made my non-sexual to-do list,” he says, prompting Cece to ask if he has a sexual to-do list. “Number one, Joan Allen,” he responds.

The wig. Nick’s infatuation with Reagan begins interfering with Schmidt and Cece’s relationship. Namely, he keeps hiding out in their room, eating meals in there while they’re trying to have some alone time. Schmidt soon comes up with a plan to tell Nick a lie about Reagan that would make her seem a little less perfect because that’s what he did with Cece. “When we first met I had to pretend all kinds of things were wrong with you just so I wouldn’t freak out,” he tells her. “I gave you a glass eye for a while; you had a wooden foot for a short period of time; there was one week where I pretended that you were a Democrat.” She is a Democrat, but he laughs it off. So what’s the nuanced, unexpected lie they tell Nick? Reagan wears a wig. It’s just subtle and bizarre enough to work.

Winston’s experience with breakups. Winston jogs with Reagan in the park in an attempt to bond. They soon run into a woman, Camilla (guest star Clea Duvall), whom Reagan had been seeing but wanted to end things with. Rather than call things off, Reagan was just going to ghost her. Winston is having none of that, and essentially becomes a breakup coach to Reagan because, you know, he’s been broken up with so many times (47 to be exact… one time he was broken up with while on Santa’s lap, and another time the reason was that he spent too much time in the butterfly room). On how she knew Winston would be able to help, Reagan says, “I read you guys the moment I got there. Nick’s deal is he honest to God might be 50, Schmidt’s deal is he had to Shazam “Stairway To Heaven,” and your deal is you’ve been dumped a lot.”

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Reagan finally breaks things off with Camilla. Winston agrees to break up with Camilla for Reagan on the condition she’d have a 20-minute roommate dinner with him. But things soon take a turn, and Camilla demands to see Reagan. Back at the loft, Reagan seems like she’s going to go through with it and call things off herself, but instead comes up with an elaborate lie about how she’s a criminal and is no good for Camilla (Nick, Cece, and Schmidt all get in on the lie, too, saying they’re a part of her crime ring). Eventually, she does the mature thing and ends it, showing that Winston’s coaching paid off.

And Nick finally gets over his fear of Reagan. Somewhere between the lie about the wig and rallying behind Reagan to help her lie her way out of her fling, Nick overcomes his fear of the oh-so perfect Reagan. Still, he ends up back in Schmidt and Cece’s room (why don’t they lock the door?) because he’d gotten used to it. Reagan and Winston join and eat in there as part of the pre-agreed upon meal, and it turns out Nick and Reagan eat burritos very similarly. Perhaps there is a connection there after all? In any case, looks like there won’t horribly awkward dialogue from Nick anymore.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “That was painful Nick,” Schmidt says of his attempt to talk to Reagan. “It was like watching Cece make a bed.” Cut to Cece trying but failing to get the sheets to stay on her bed.
  • Nick singing “Drunk In Love.”
  • Nick, Schmidt, and Cece going through Reagan’s things to find out who she really is. “I’m making a mess, but finding the truth,” Nick says.
  • Camilla could tell that Winston had been dumped a lot because he ordered a Shirley Temple.
  • Cece went full Nick by assuming Reagan’s fake IDs and more meant she’s a criminal. “I’m full Nick everyday,” Nick says. “Imagine how that feels.”
  • Camilla destroying Reagan’s room by way of the “I left my sweater trick.”

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