Megan Fox begins her turn as a pharmaceutical rep who sublets Jess' room
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Jess can’t be replaced, but her room can be subleased while she’s away on jury duty. That’s where guest star Megan Fox comes in, joining the show for a multi-episode arc as a pharmaceutical rep named Reagan.

She meets Nick and Winston at a hospital, and when she reveals that she’s looking for a place to stay for a month (the nautical-themed hotel room she was in just wasn’t cutting it), Nick suggests she come live with them. Getting her on board isn’t all that easy, so the episode focuses on Nick’s attempts to persuade as well as Schmidt’s battle with jealousy upon discovering that Cece and Reagan had a one-time fling.

Here are the 5 “loft”-iest moments from “Reagan.”

Winston’s idea of magic in a relationship. Nick hasn’t really seen progress in his love life, partly because he’s holding out for a big spark. “I want magic. Is that so bad?” he asks Winston and Aly. “I want the music to swell. I want the wind to blow. I want the clouds to part.” Winston says there’s no need to be embarrassed, basically because he feels the same way. (But like, does he, really?) “I want magic too. I want her to have a metal bra, and then I got a sword in my hand and guess what, we’re both wearing skirts and we’re riding on flying horses.” Nick sums it up perfectly when he responds, “That’s more like dork magic.” Soon, Aly tells them that they’ll be alone forever if they keep this search up, and that they need to get more realistic because they’re not getting any younger…

Nick’s perception of Sex and the City. In order to prove that he’s still plenty young, Nick picks up a keg and absolutely fails as he “smushed every bone in his back” and had to go to the hospital. Winston takes him, and they fill their time by talking about how Aly was right, how they do need to be more realistic about their love lives. “I feel like one of those characters in the show Sax and the City talking about this.” Winston sort of laughs it off and tells him he means Sex and the City. “I’m talking about the one with four ladies in a jazz band,” Nick responds, defensively.

How Schmidt processes big emotions. Schmidt starts acting crazy jealous now that he and Cece are engaged because he’s afraid that someone is going to swoop in and take her. His jealousy continues when Reagan pops by the flat to see if she might live there for the month, and it’s revealed that she and Cece hooked up back in the day. “Is he okay,” Reagan asks as Schmidt just sort of groans to himself. “It sounds like there’s a dishwasher in his face.” As more details come out, Schmidt acts weirder and weirder. “When he has to process a lot of emotions sometimes he likes to do Nick Cannon’s solo from Drumline,” Cece explains of her fiancé, who keeps gesturing his way through the solo until he finishes it.

The (poorly installed) rain shower. Nick installed a rain shower because Reagan said she enjoys them, but — in true Nick fashion — he did it very poorly, piecing it together with duct tape. And once Reagan says it has to be fixed, the fixing doesn’t go well either, largely because of Winston. “I’m sorry that I basically let you drown in the shower and then called you a soggy little b—,” Winston tells Nick. “I’m sorry I squirted you with all that shampoo. It was supposed to be a metaphor, but I really just panicked to be honest with ya. I was trying to be tough, but it came off as mean.”

Megan Fox. Finally, Fox’s time on New Girl begins. It was announced in September that she would step in for a multi-episode arc during Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave. With her razor-sharp bite and moxie, Reagan is not a replacement for the cute and bubbly Jess. But she brings a new, edgy energy to the show, and she’s really funny. It takes some convincing for her to sublet Jess’ room, but she finally agrees, and I, for one, look forward to seeing where things go. (Like will anything come of Nick’s big crush on her? I guess no, but you never know…)

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Everybody knows that there’s a window of time before any wedding where some amazing person comes out of the woodwork and tries to steal a bride,” a jealous Schmidt tells Cece and Reagan because he’s convinced that Reagan is swooping in on Cece. “It’s the plot of every romantic comedy. I’m the Bridgette Wilson-Sampras here. Oh I suppose you’re both too cool to have seen The Wedding Planner!”
  • Reagan’s ability to read people, like how she knew Schmidt was heavy as a kid and that Winston is a cat owner.
  • The loftmates surprise invitation for Reagan to live with them. It goes terribly wrong when she kicks Nick in the face because she thinks he’s an intruder, but she does eventually abandon her lone-wolf ways and says yes.

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