Cece moves into the loft, and Jess stands up to her big, bad boss
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Following last week’s return of Jess and departure of Reagan (guest star Megan Fox), changes keep coming for our favorite loftmates.

Case in point, Cece officially moves out of her apartment and into the loft (big emphasis on official because she was basically living with the crew already), and Jess quits her job. Then there’s Winston, who asks for a new partner but ultimately can’t stick with that decision after he and the new partner very poorly confront a flasher that’s been taking to Nick and Schmidt’s bar.

Here are the top 5 “loft”-iest moments from “The Apartment.”

Amazing guest stars. This week’s episode saw another appearance from Nasim Pedrad as Winston’s partner Aly and fresh faces with Saved by the Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley as Principal Becky Cavatappi and Veep’s Sam Richardson as Winston’s new partner, Dunston. Pedrad is always good, so let’s focus on the newbies. Berkley is perfect as Jess’ self-absorbed boss with a serious lack of work ethic, who puts all her responsibilities on our new girl. “Jess, remember that binder,” Becky asks of a budget assignment due in a week, while calling from a wine and bubble bath session. “Yeah, I mixed up the budget due date. I took my contacts out because they’re ugly, so I kind of can’t read stuff. I’ll need it tomorrow.” See, she’s awful. Richardson, meanwhile, is laugh-out-loud funny as Dunston, who is totally clueless and weird, from with his inability to track down a bathroom to his habit of drinking coffee out of a sandwich bag.

Winston’s work belongings. Winston asks for a new partner because he has a monster crush on Aly and can’t take her talking about her boyfriend and his “a– that you want to open on Christmas” anymore. She does not take the goodbye well at all and proceeds to give back his work belongings. “Screw you! Here’s your crap,” she starts. “Lucky crystal, keychain fart marker, over 100 yogurt tops, your flattened penny collection, a signed copy of a Paul Reiser biography, baby carrot thumb drive, a picture of you and Dave Coulier, loose Pez, my mom’s cell number, a ticket stub from Urinetown. When did you see even see that?” And adds, “Oh, and your Pure Moods CD. This thing makes me want to swim into a boat motor.” After a very long day with Dunston, he asks Aly to pair back up with him but can’t quite tell her the reason why he left in the first place. My bet, that’ll come in due time

The flasher (and Nick’s relationship with him). A flasher has been taking Nick and Schmidt’s bar by storm, which is shocking to everyone except Nick. “Dude, we both know what you’re going to do,” he says, completely calm and collected, when the flasher walks in, wearing a trench coat and asking for a cream soda. “It’s not cool.” He makes the big reveal, and Nick is completely unfazed, but Schmidt can’t comprehend how calm and collected Nick is about the whole situation. “It’s not a big deal. I’ve been flashed by like seven or eight different people since college. You guys have been flashed. Everybody’s been flashed countless times, right? Oh, it’s just me who’s been flashed about 300 times? You guys have never been flashed? Not even on like holidays? Not even like after the Olympics?” His spiel is met by a number of no’s and concern from Schmidt about his close connection with the flasher.

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Jess quitting her job. After witnessing the terrible way Becky treats Jess, demanding she do a week’s worth of work in a single night, Cece picks up a call from the boss from hell and quits on behalf of her BFF. Jess ends up doing the work anyway and apologizes for what Cece did, but when Becky pushes her buttons again, Jess pulls the trigger herself. It’s a strong, standout moment for our sweet new girl but one that also brought out a lot of humor. “You remember the last time I was unemployed,” she asks Cece, when Cece pushes her to make the leap and leave her job. “I ran out of things to knit. I knit a condom. I pray this was never used.” She adds, “I don’t leap. I take small, planned steps, like an arthritic dog.” But Cece says Jess does take leaps and pulls out a note of the loft address they took down when Jess was first checking out the space. Aww…

Cece moving out of her old apartment. Speaking of pulling triggers, Cece finally moves out of her old apartment and into the loft. It leads to moments both funny — like with Jess locking Cece out because she’s a terrible packer, hence why she says “Your favorite team is the Greenbay Not-Packers” — and sweet — like when Cece finally admits that she’s afraid of getting married, afraid of all the change ahead. Eventually, there is resolution. Rather than turning to new bridesman Winston, Cece and Schmidt talk and admit they’re both afraid. “We’ll be scared together, and we’ll be really happy together, too, and we’ll be really annoyed together living with three other people and a cat,” Schmidt reassures his bride-to-be. “Also, I think there’s another cat. Winston is being very evasive about it, but…” Then they kiss, and Cece says there is, in fact, a foster cat, which will likely help Winston get over Aly.

Honorable mentions:

  • “Well, it’s too small to be a cat hotel and too big to be pants, so it’s not mine,” Winston on a mystery package that arrives at the apartment.
  • Jess punching out her work frustration.
  • Cece’s inability to part with her belongings, as seen with her fierce desire to keep her sweater with a wine stain and an off-brand Looney Tunes character on it.
  • Cece’s weird neighbor.
  • Flashback to Jess and the rock candy.
  • “Cece Schmidt sounds like the mayor of an evil Swiss town,” Jess says of the possibility of Cece taking her beloved’s last name. “Did I tell you that Schmidt thinks that we should drop our last names and make up a new one? He is currently at the moment leaning toward Zenith and Telluride,” Cece responds.

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