Jess returns to the loft (yay!), so Reagan prepares to leave (boo!)
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New Girl aired its 100th episode tonight and, appropriately, big things are happening at the loft.

Most notably, Jess is back from jury duty! After being sequestered for weeks, the title new girl returns home (with a fierce determination to track down a cute juror, at that), which means it’s time for Reagan (guest star Megan Fox) to bid adieu. She has a hard time doing so, though, because of her romantic situation with Nick.

Another person having a hard time is Schmidt, who attends a dance class with Cece and Winston, but cannot get into the groove without step-by-step choreography (I know what you’re thinking and yes, there’s a fabulous flashback to explain why).

Here are the top 5 “loft”-iest moments from “Goosebumps Walkaway.”

Goosebumps walkaway. Nick is having a hard time saying goodbye to Reagan, too, and keeps saying the wrong things to her, so he devises a plan to act out a goosebumps walkaway to up his cool. What is that, you ask? Certainly not an old-fashioned baseball player like Schmidt hilariously guesses. “Goosebumps walkaway is the line that the guy says to the girl in the movie that gives her goosebumps and then he walks away forever,” Nick explains. Coming up with the perfect one is no easy feat, and there’s a wonderfully awkward and weird montage on Nick testing lines out to prove it. He ultimately settles on “Sayonara, Sammy,” but he and Reagan are dissatisfied with that end.

The Hustle. Winston takes Cece and Schmidt with him to a dance class so they can practice for the wedding. There’s a problem in that Schmidt doesn’t know how or want to dance freestyle. “I always imagined our first dance would be you and me having the time of our lives,” Cece says, to which Schmidt responds, “a very choreographed time of our lives.” This all goes back to a bad experience he had at a talent show — cue flashback! — in which he dances to “The Hustle” but messes up the routine and is heckled. So he learns the dance backward and forward and performs it perfectly the following year. “No complaints here, fattie,” a school bully says. Back to modern day, Winston tells Schmidt he has to stop letting these memories of mean kids affect his life. By episode’s end he conquers his fear, dancing to “The Hustle” completely unhinhibited.

Winston’s confidence. Unlike Schmidt, Winston has absolutely no shame on or off the dance floor. He says he has to go to his police station in his dance attire, and Schmidt tells him he can’t go looking like that. Winston keeps it absolutely real and comes back with, “When are you going to stop worrying about what people say?” He then goes on to explain that his suggestion box at work is full, but the only one he pays attention to is the one he wrote to himself, which reads “Great job. Keep it up.” He continues on, ultimately leading Schmidt to announce that Winston delivered the perfect goosebumps walkaway. Altogether, it’s further proof that Winston is absolutely winning this season.

Confronting feelings. After watching Jess finally track down her cute juror, Gary (guest star Demetri Martin), Nick and Reagan are inspired to tell each other how they feel. Being Nick and Reagan, they don’t say anything bluntly. Instead, Reagan reciprocates with a “Sayonara, Sammy” of her own. It’s nice to see the pair address their feeling in their own way, even if nothing can really happy because Reagan is leaving. (Speaking of, I really enjoyed Reagan’s arc, as she brought a fresh vibe with her cool independence.)

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Old flame rekindled? While I like Reagan — and Reagan and Nick together — I like Jess and Nick together even more. Nick’s need to tell Jess about what happened and his admittance that he missed her are positive signs toward that happening again. Plus, creator Liz Meriwether recently told EW, “I think in terms of Nick and Jess, when you’re in love with your best friend, it kind of takes somebody else coming in to make you realize that.” Not saying that a reunion is a surefire thing, but definitely something to keep an eye on as the show moves forward.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Come! Two more referrals and I get to have my birthday party there,” Winston says, trying to convince Cece and Schmit to join him at dance class.
  • “That’s the most embarrassed I’ve ever been for anyone not doing imrov,” Jess says of Nick, after his horribly awkward attempt to tell her that he and Reagan had a thing.
  • Jess and Reagan bonding over their mutual affection for Nick.
  • Jess and Gary giving their personal information out on TV.
  • Regan finally wearing one of Jess’ bright orange, matching T-shirts she got for the loftees.

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