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S15 E9
November 21, 2017 at 11:14 PM EST

Okay, let’s touch bases with Torres and Reeves, who’ve been dispatched to the Georgetown hotel room on Yorka’s credit card. There, they find bomb-making materials and train schedules. Since Jack’s told them that Yorka prefers spiteful, personal attacks, they wonder whom he might be targeting on a train.

Then Reeves cracks Yorka’s computer and finds an invoice for frozen crab cakes that were delivered to this very hotel that morning. The food is intended for the pre-Thanksgiving brunch of the International Coalition of Peace, a consortium of dignitaries from all over the world, including Romania, which, you’ll recall, has frozen Yorka’s assets.

The duo are headed to the ballroom, where the brunch is scheduled to start momentarily, when they receive security cam footage of the parking lot shooting. They review it and realize that Yorka hops into a van with a driver, meaning he’s got a third person working for him.

At the hospital, it’s now Gibbs’ turn to try to drum up a doctor, and he and Jack hatch a new plan: She’ll put on scrubs and inject Yorka with enough Ketamine to knock him out. But when she approaches him in her scrubs, Yorka refuses any painkillers. Fine, then. She’ll do it the hard way.

Jack manhandles the wound and makes a big production of having trouble cutting his jeans with her dull scissors. As he roars in pain, Gibbs tries to get the jump on him, only to have the hostage leap up and put a gun to his back. “You didn’t think I’d come alone, did you?” Yorka smirks through the pain.

Dr. Jack continues to manhandle Yorka’s wound, and his moans of pain are cross-cut with Delilah’s labor. (Despite Abby’s efforts to lie, Delilah saw the live coverage of the hostage situation and guessed that McGee was directly in the middle of it.)

Having hacked fruitlessly at his jeans enough, Jack finally suggests that Yorka just take off his pants. When he declines, she shrugs and quips, “We’ve all got our shortcomings.” This enrages Yorka and give McGee a chance to evacuate an alarmingly pasty-skinned Morgan.

McGee wheels Morgan to safety and grabs a doctor, who runs off to gather more assistance. Morgan grabs McGee’s hand and thanks him for staying by his side. “Anything for a fellow law enforcement officer,” McGee says, telling Morgan that he was the part of the team that took down Yorka. By the time the necessary medical personnel arrive, Morgan’s drawn his last breath.

In the lobby, Yorka’s full-on bellowing as Jack digs, digs, digs for the bullet, while upstairs, McGee’s donned scrubs to join a yelling Delilah. We cut back and forth between the two as they scream in pain, and when Jack finally pulls the bullet out, she looks a little too surprised for a seasoned medical professional.

In Georgetown, the hotel’s head of security assures Torres and Reeves that Homeland Security triple-checked the ballroom that morning, but when the wait staff start wheeling in the food carts, it dawns on everybody that the kitchen wasn’t searched. Torres and Reeves do a sweep and find a bomb under the salad cart. Yep, even sexist, racist terrorists know better than to tamper with the shrimp cart.

No other law enforcement agencies have arrived yet, so it’s up to the NCIS duo to defuse the bomb, which isn’t exactly their specialty. They’re not sure whether the mechanism’s pressed into clay or possibly C4, and they don’t know why it’s ticking away when there’s no timer. They’re also not 100 percent on whether to cut the red or yellow wire. Reeves finally suggests that they cut both and run like hell.

Miraculously, this powers down the bomb. Torres calls Gibbs immediately to announce that they disarmed it, “just like in the movies.” With that news, the team no longer needs to play along with Yorka. Gibbs knocks out the accomplice, and Jack takes great pleasure in digging her finger into Yorka’s wound and then punching him repeatedly in the face. When Gibbs finally pulls her off, she yells that the man he killed was her friend.

Upstairs, McGee and Delilah cradle their newborns and discuss possible names. While they’d been leaning toward Indiana, Han, or Harrison for the boy, Delilah suggests John, after McGee’s dad. And although they had six potential girl’s names, McGee suggests Morgan, which is the loveliest moment of the episode.

Summoned by Abby, Gibbs, Bishop, and Jack all arrive and stand in the doorway, surveying the new family.

Stray shots:

  • I have one question: Why couldn’t they have put Mark Harmon in scrubs? The opportunity was right there!
  • I enjoyed Jack more in this episode than maybe any other this season; seeing her lose it on Yorka humanized her. Here’s hoping the show keeps finding ways to fold her into the team in an organically useful way.
  • So, Johnny and Morgan McGee. Are you pleased with these choices?
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