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S15 E11
January 02, 2018 at 11:03 PM EST

Naturally, as soon as Bishop and Frankie are speeding away in a van, Bishop calls NCIS. The team make Frankie up to look dead and snap some photos for Bishop to text to Donnie, but even though they’ve saved her life, she refuses to name names. Sloan then steps in with a stick rather than a carrot, taking a picture of Frankie with a “snitch” sign and asking her to pick which shot Bishop sends Donnie.

Frankie chooses wisely, and the death photo arrives on Donnie’s phone as he and Torres have a heart to heart about thwarted ambitions. Donnie says he wanted to be a fireman, a teacher, a cop, but his uninsured mom got sick and he needed fast cash. Torres gets melty and tells him it’s not too late to pursue his passion for education.

Then yacht owner Lane arrives again, this time with a gun. Torres texts this update to NCIS, where Frankie’s just told them that Lane’s the top of the drug ring food chain.

NCIS scramble to the scene, where Gibbs and McGee order Bishop to cover the front as they head inside. They find blood and Torres’ smashed burner phone, and then Young steps out of the back room with a gun.

Seeing her chance, Bishop enters through the front in her Charlie persona. Young thanks his newest employee for saving him. When he leaves her alone with the two agents, Bishop assures Gibbs that this feels like the right move. Again with the unearned trust! Does this drug ring operate on pinky swears and good feelings about every fresh-faced recruit who turns up?

When Young returns, Bishop gets in his face about her boyfriend’s whereabouts, and Gibbs guesses that Young is making a play to take over Richard Lane’s business. Young’s amused that they think Lane was the boss. And yes, that’s was; Lane’s now dead in the freezer after he shot and injured Donnie. Of course, this begs the question: If Lane’s not the boss, who is?

Aaaand we cut to another unwise act of trust, as Torres tells wannabe teacher Donnie that he’s actually NCIS, and they’ll go easy on Donnie if he’ll testify against his boss. But he can’t, you see, because Donnie is the boss. Oh, Torres, you sweet summer child.

NCIS has put this together, too, but Sloan can’t get Young to tell them the location of the safe house full of henchmen where Donnie’s likely taking Torres to kill him. Gibbs tells Sloan it’s his turn, and she should head upstairs. Naturally, she stays there to witness Gibbs chuckling menacingly and turning off the cameras.

Meanwhile, on the ride to the safe house, Donnie tries to convince Torres to join his crew as his man inside NCIS, arguing that sitting at a desk is no place for a man like Torres who comes alive in the field. He also implies that (a) Torres enjoyed kissing Bishop a little too much, and (b) she’s out of his league as she’s a hard 10 and Torres is a soft 7. UMMM AGREE TO DISAGREE ON THAT LAST PART, SIR.

But Torres knows that Donnie’s just trying to learn what evidence NCIS has against him before killing him, so when he sees an opportunity, he takes it, plowing the vehicle full speed into a forklift. Donnie wasn’t buckled in, and he explodes through the windshield. Just a reminder to wear your seatbelt, boys and girls!

Donnie’s in bad shape, but he gasps out that his three henchmen inside will finish the job on Torres. Torres looks rattled…until the men emerge from the safe house with their hands in the air and Gibbs, Bishop, and McGee at their backs. Whatever Gibbs did with the cameras off worked to loosen Young’s tongue.

Back at NCIS, Vance praises Bishop and orders Torres to move all of those scuba tanks out of evidence as punishment for his disobedience. Torres objects to being Special Agent Gopher, especially when Bishop wants to burn off her excess energy with base jumping or target practice.

Then they get downright flirty, talking about who taught whom what, and the best pre-undercover kiss dining options. (Hint: It’s not garlic pasta.) They agree that they didn’t want the operation to end, and when they do eventually wish each other goodnight, they both engage in what can only be described as a series of lingering glances as Bishop steps on the Elevator of Schemes and Secrets.

Stray shots

  • Just how did Gibbs convince Young to talk while the cameras were off? With one of his agents in jeopardy, are we maybe better off not knowing?
  • “I don’t give out free samples. I’ve got three kids to feed and a sick nana in Boca.” Gotta love Bishop’s commitment to her undercover identity!
  • So Bishop and Torres, hmm? It sure feels like the show’s hinting in this direction. If so, are you on board? I’ll certainly keep an open mind, if only to see Torres-the-player wrestling with those pesky emotions. (Bishop-with-the-dead-fiancé wrestling with emotions sounds a lot less fun, though.)
  • Happy new year, NCIS friends! What are your wishes for the show in 2018? Let me know in the comments!
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