A high-profile kidnapping has NCIS racing to save the secretary of the navy's daughter

By Sara Netzley
February 17, 2016 at 04:29 AM EST
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What’s more interesting than learning McGee’s middle name? Foiling a revenge kidnapping, of course.

This week, the team’s just starting a mandatory advanced tactical training session — sans Gibbs, of course — that’s being led by Val Page from the Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Team. Page is also a lifelong friend of one Timothy Farragut McGee. (“Farragut? I knew he had a middle name,” DiNozzo exclaims). Before Val can get down to business, though, everyone’s phones blow up (not literally; this show forces you to clarify) with the news that Megan Porter, the daughter of Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter, was abducted along with her boyfriend that morning.

They get a ping from the boyfriend’s cell phone 5 miles away, where they find him alive near an abandoned SUV. The boyfriend thinks the kidnappers are military because of their shorthand and their weapons. (This knowledge is based on Spec Ops 10: Echo Force). Unfortunately, Abby has no luck pulling DNA or fingerprints from the SUV because the kidnappers set off a bleach bomb, which also ruined her favorite coveralls. Those monsters.

At HQ, Page offers to lend a hand in narrowing the suspects, but Gibbs declines, then waits for Porter to get done arguing with her ex, Richard, and his new girlfriend, Justine Wolfe, so they can start brainstorming.

Richard is furious. “I knew the moment you took this job Megan’s life would be in danger,” he spits. Then Porter heads to her house, which is swarming with agents and also is AMAZING. How much does this job pay? But now that Richard’s not around, Porter tells Gibbs she also blames herself because her job endangered her daughter.

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The kidnappers finally call to demand $10 million, no cops at the exchange. Fornell says if it’s a ransom, it must not be political. But Gibbs counters that if it’s just money, why target SECNAV? Either way, Gibbs tells Porter that he won’t let her do the drop.

“Let me? I don’t take orders from you, Gibbs,” she says. But she accepts that sending her to possibly get captured is a threat to national security with all of the confidential information in her noggin. Then she looks at Gibbs, Fornell, and DiNozzo and asks which one of them to send.

“They said no cops. Have you looked in a mirror? You look like an MP, you look like a fed, and you look like Sonny Crockett,” she says.

“Don Johnson or Colin Farrell?” DiNozzo wants to know.

That just leaves Richard, so he paces until the kidnappers call and direct him to a parking garage. Of course, Gibbs, McGee, and Fornell are on scene and follow him. At HQ, DiNozzo and Page discuss why Gibbs doesn’t like her — because her team shows up and tells him he needs training help — along with the secrets that McGee has spilled to her about his co-workers. Page gleefully mentions that one time DiNozzo kissed a guy. Ugh, they’re STILL making “har har, gross” jokes about this? That was season 1, and it’s now 2016. Tony’s quite chill about it. Let’s mooooooove on, guys.

Anyway, at the exchange Richard tosses them the money bag, but the kidnappers decide to keep Megan and shoot Richard, and then two nearby cars explode, knocking everybody down.

Welp, that went badly.

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Richard ends up in surgery, and Gibbs ends up in Ducky’s lab. “At least McGee and Fornell had the common sense to go to the hospital,” Ducky fusses, ordering Leroy to sit down lest he keel over. But Gibbs is trying to figure out why, if they’ve got the money, they kept the girl.

Page shows up, and she and Gibbs board the Elevator of Schemes and Secrets, where she says, “I’d ask if you’re all right, but you don’t seem like the lean-on-me type. Or the verbal type.”

He responds by asking for a pen and using it to fill out a form. “Can you do it or not?” he asks her. She says she can, and we’re left wondering what, exactly, “it” is.

A background check on Richard shows that his biofuel company is close to going under. He’s not financially involved, so all he’ll lose is his job, but his girlfriend will lose everything because she sunk millions into it over the years. Suddenly, Justine becomes much more interesting. By the time they get to her house, though, she’s dead from a bullet to the head.

That’s one clue. A second one comes from the van they abandoned at the swap: Megan scratched one of her attackers with her class ring and left it behind. The DNA points to Owen Dixon, part of private military company Wynnewood Security Services, whose board of directors once included Justine Wolfe.

Two years ago, Dixon’s unit conducted for-hire black ops missions. Porter and the Navy stepped in, resulting in Dixon and four others getting fired, with others serving prison sentences. So now we know that Justine was working with Dixon and was killed so she couldn’t ID him. And while she was in it for the money, he wants revenge, which is why they still have Megan.

One final call from the kidnappers has them demanding an escape plane. However, further research reveals that a) the kidnapper are soldiers of fortune with anger management problems and an arsenal of stolen weapons and b) one of them paid $50,000 for a private helicopter charter to Canada for that night. The plane’s a decoy, and the kidnappers are smuggling themselves and Megan out of the country.

NCIS prepares to head out, hoping for backup against the angry, armed special ops team. And sure enough, REACT is there, suiting up at Gibbs’ request. At the helo pad, NCIS confronts the kidnappers. Dixon claims he’s got a sniper in the trees, and then REACT pops up with their own laser-sighted weapons. When Dixon goes to fire, Page shoots him right in his crazy head — three inches from a terrified Megan, poor thing. The rest all surrender quickly.

As Gibbs arrives at Porter’s house the next day, Fornell’s leaving to visit his daughter Emily at school. He and Gibbs fist bump. It’s adorable.

In her spacious, highly enviable kitchen, Porter tells Gibbs, “Maybe it’s time I reevaluate my priorities.” But is stepping down what’s best for her family, or is she being ruled by fear?

“Family is important,” Gibbs offers.

Porter’s disappointed that he didn’t give her more of a pep talk, and he replies, “Then you just answered your own question.” Man. He oozes wisdom.

Then Megan enters the kitchen, and Gibbs returns her ring. “I knew you’d find it,” she says.

Gibbs wants to know how.

“My mom’s talked about you,” she replies.

See? The wisdom of Gibbs transcends generations and continents and galaxies.

Stray thoughts:

  • Neon face Band-Aids forever.
  • McGee owns lederhosen, and his childhood nickname was McStudmuffin. I’m not surprised by either of those things.
  • McGee’s first kiss involved knocking out Page’s tooth mid-sneeze. That is…also not surprising, actually.
  • So which is DiNozzo: Don Johnson or Colin Farrell?

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