Scarlett's breakdown forces everyone to re-evaluate their relationships, and Juliette makes a ridiculous, awful, sweaty decision

By Samantha Highfill
Updated March 13, 2015 at 06:38 PM EDT
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You know that moment when you’re watching a dramatic episode of television, and you’re into it, and then it just takes one step too far and suddenly everything is ruined? I can just about guarantee that no show does that better than Nashville. Really guys? Juliette and Jeff? REALLY?! An hour of Scarlett absolutely losing her mind wasn’t enough for you, you had to go and give us one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes, which also served to ruin my favorite part of the show — Juliette and Avery? If Nashville were a person, I’d punch it in the face right about now. And this is not the first time I’ve felt this way. Nashville is constantly walking the line of falling into more-ridiculous-than-usual soap opera territory, and tonight, we’re so far past that line that it’s nothing but a freakin’ dot in the distance. Here’s how it went down:

We picked up right where we left off, with Avery pulling Scarlett off stage during her breakdown. The doctors sedated her and had her flown back to Nashville, where Deacon and Rayna went through round one of their night of showdowns. He blamed her for Scarlett, just as Rayna blamed Juliette, and no one seemed to be blaming Scarlett’s awful mother. Even Scarlett’s awful mother was blaming Rayna! The nerve on that woman, I swear. She tried to call Rayna out on being a bad mother — talk about wanting to punch someone in the face — but Rayna gracefully bowed out of that conversation, thank goodness. Meanwhile, Juliette bowed out of the entire situation after Rayna told her to go home, where Juliette was winning the night in diction: “This is insane! I’m sorry. Poor choice of words.”

At the clinic where absolutely everyone was oblivious to Scarlett’s problems, they let Beverly be at her bedside when she woke up in restraints. And cue freakout number two! The only good thing about it was that it interrupted Deacon and Rayna’s round two of fighting. Deacon held his sister back while Rayna tried to calm Scarlett down. Scarlett fessed up that she got the caffeine pills from Liam, but she promised she didn’t belong in a psych clinic. Then again, standing in the middle of a field in a hospital gown wasn’t helping her case, as Rayna pointed out. These people and their sanity jokes — I love it!

Scarlett agreed to go back inside, where Juliette paid her a visit and attempted to play the crazy mom card for bonding. But instead, Scarlett joined the blame game and told Juliette that her breakdown was her fault for making her go on stage. And that’s when Scarlett realized she didn’t actually remember what happened. Well, what good is YouTube if you can’t watch your own public breakdown, am I right? And that’s what Scarlett was doing when Zoey showed up and held her best friend.

Meanwhile, Gunnar was busy buying a house and not visiting Scarlett. He figured he was unwelcome, so instead, he wore a horrendous golf outfit to a visit with Jeff where Jeff asked him to join Edgehill. The label was opening a publishing division, and he wanted to sign Gunnar as his first writer. Little tip Jeff: Don’t call his writing partner “looney” next time. Gunnar told him to shove it. Then he went home, thankfully changed, watched Scarlett’s breakdown on YouTube — how many hits do we think it got? — and then stayed up all night and wrote a song about it.

Away from the clinic, Beverly was still being the WORST. Keeping her crazy face on, she brought up old issues with brother Deacon about how he abandoned her all those years ago when he left to go on tour. She said he’d left her with their drunk father and their helpless mother. He’d bailed, and then Scarlett’s dad bailed, and eventually, Scarlett bailed too. I wonder why, Beverly!! Clearly someone is missing the common denominator in all of those situations. People leave because you suck. End of story. But somehow, Deacon is a way better person than I am and found a way to forgive his sister and agree to join forces to support Scarlett.

NEXT: Juliette makes the worst decision of her life

Speaking of Scarlett, Avery ended up turning down sex with Juliette to go back and pay Scarlett a visit. Well, that’s not why he turned down the sex, but that’s the order of events, at lest. And when Juliette couldn’t find him, she ended up outside Scarlett’s room, where she overheard what I thought was a very sweet conversation. Avery thought Scarlett would like to see a friendly face, and he told her how she wouldn’t let go of his hand when the whole thing went down. Scarlett told him that he was her first love and she didn’t think she’d ever love anyone as much as she loved him. And he told her that she had a permanent piece of his heart. And this is where I get mad at Juliette for taking that the wrong way. To me, that was a conversation between first loves who are now friends. If anything, that was official closure for them. I think Juliette’s wig is messing up her hearing!

Although, I have to mention Juliette’s inappropriate gem number two, when she asked Avery, “Am I crazy now?” Damn, I really do love her. (But she is being stupid.)

After the doctors decided Scarlett wasn’t an addict — come again? — she finally told Rayna the truth. She didn’t want to be a star. And like that, Rayna released her of her contract, because like she told Deacon during their round three, which involved apologies and whatnot, she considered Scarlett family. Sadly, Scarlett’s actual family wasn’t nearly as awesome. Beverly showed up to try and convince Scarlett not to check out, but little Scarlett was on a truth bomb roll. She told her mom to leave. My only complaint was that she didn’t yell it through a loud speaker of some sort.

Before I forget, a quick update on what happened in Will and Layla’s world: They’re doing a “real reality” show, y’all! Cameras are going to take over their lives, and there’s no way that the world is going to find out he’s gay now, right? Right!

And now we’re back to the freakin’ hate sex. Apparently Juliette was more shaken up over Avery and Scarlett’s conversation than I realized, because deciding to have hate sex with Jeff of all people was ludicrous. I’m so mad, I can’t even tell you guys. If Avery and Juliette break up — which, let’s be honest, they will — they will have taken away the best relationship on this show (other than Deacon and Rayna). I didn’t even like Avery until he was with Juliette! They balance each other out. Ugh, I have to stop. I’m so upset.

Other important news: Without Scarlett, Highway 65 now lives or dies on the release of Rayna’s album, so I’m sure nothing will go wrong there.

What did you think of the episode? Wasn’t Jeff’s thigh grab cringe-worthy? And what’s next for Scarlett? Clearly she has to go back to writing with Gunnar and therefore falling in love with Gunnar, right? Sound off below!

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