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We gave it a B-

It was a quiet time down in Nashville this week as a few feuds were ignited and others extinguished, and there was zero sign of Juliette. Let’s do some recappin’ (it’s like recapping, but in a country accent).

When we check back in with the gang, Daphne does not want to go art walking with Jake, Jessie, and Deacon. I kind of don’t blame her. Looking in the window of an art store, Jake spends the whole time on his phone while Jessie and Deacon gush over art and each other. Then Daph makes a snide comment and things wrap up fairly quickly. When they get home Deacon wants to talk to her, but she avoids him.

Not to worry: Deacon has a master plan! Get the whole gang together for dinner, of course. As you can imagine, it’s a disaster that ends in Daphne storming off to her room. Jessie decides she should be the one to go after her, and after delivering a heartfelt speech about her own fears and just wanting to be her friend, not replace her mom, a teary Daphne relents and they end up in a good place with a little hand holding. Well, that story arc didn’t take long to resolve!

One disagreement resolved, another one just getting started: The guys (a.k.a. the super group boy band) are getting a great reaction on Twitter for Alana’s guest spot with the band — we know because all those affectionate tweets are displayed on screen for us to see. I don’t know when this became a pet peeve of mine but it definitely is. Will walks in all cranky because he can’t find his vitamins/he’s reacting to all the steroids he’s injecting into his body, and Avery shows up as cranky as well-mannered Avery gets because Juliette ran off to South America in the night and hasn’t been in touch since. (You decide who has the greater issues here.) Anyway, Gunnar is just pumped that Alana is such a hit. In fact, he’s so happy that he goes off to see her, and (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!) they hook up. She’s all, It’s not a big deal, let’s keep this fun and casual, and Gunnar agrees he’s not ready for anything more, but since we all know Gunnar’s not capable of just a fun relationship, we can probably expect a proposal by season’s end.

Later in rehearsal, it’s obvious to everyone that they’ve slept together. The other two guys are unimpressed, but luckily the show goes off without a hitch — if you don’t count Scarlett clearly deducing that Gunnar and Alana have hooked up and Jessie’s ex-husband trying to poach Alana for himself. Oh, and grumpy Will is still pissed about it all. (Recap continues on page 2)

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