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S6 E15
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July 19, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT

With only two episodes of Nashville to go (ever!!) and a whole ton of storylines to wrap up, of course there’s even more drama than usual on this week’s episode.

We kick things off with Juliette riding the wave of bad press surrounding her fallout with the Church of Coherent B.S. — or whatever it’s called. For now, J’s staying positive about it and refusing to go down without a fight. Avery arrives, battling his way through a sea of reporters on her lawn, and Juliette tells him that she thinks Cadence has a fever (didn’t we start the last episode with a similar concern?).

Later that day, Juliette puts her words into action and calls a press conference at the movement’s headquarters. Somehow, the girl who helped Juliette escape from Bolivia is there with her son. Did I miss the part where she broke them out of the fortress-like base in South America?! Anyway, J’s very eloquent in her speech and introduces her witnesses to the press. She then announces that she’s retiring from the public eye, noting that Darius at least taught her the price of fame. She ends by promising she won’t stop fighting until justice prevails.

Over at the Claybourne-Jaymes household, Maddie is dealing with her breakup from cheating Jonah by staying in bed. He keeps calling her but she doesn’t pick up and tells Daphne that she’ll no longer being going on tour with him. Meanwhile, Twig calls Maddie to apologize, telling her that he deserves whatever she throws at him, but won’t leave Jonah. She tells him he’s pathetic. Poor lil’ Twig.

Later, Granddad is telling stories again, but this time Deacon is weighing in too. When his dad seems to get some details wrong, Deacon goes to correct him before realizing his father was right and he’d somehow warped the memory in his mind. Progress? Deacon makes a comment about life being more vivid since he quit drinking and his dad agrees, while Daph just looks on like, I know you’re secretly stashing booze in your room, pops. Later, she sneaks into her grandfather’s room to check for the bottle of bourbon she saw under his bed and doesn’t see anything. But when she heads to bed that night, she hears the sound of glass smashing inside his bedroom and opens the door. Inside, she sees him holding a bottle of bourbon and shards of broken glass. He asks Daphne not to tell her dad, saying he just needs it to help him sleep. Our Daphne’s too smart for that charade and walks out without saying a word. Luckily, her success on Nashville’s Next is there to distract her — she’s made the final and sits down for a TV interview to discuss it, with an impressed Maddie looking on. (Recap continues on page 2.)

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Legendary music icon Rayna Jaymes struggles to maintain her place in the spotlight while dealing with the ambitious rising pop vixen Juliette Barnes.
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