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July 12, 2018 at 10:01 PM EDT

It’s a busy morning in the multi-talented Jaymes-Claybourne house when we kick off “For Sake of the Song.” Deacon is writing a new ditty, Daphne is being featured on the news about her recent buzzworthy performance on Nashville’s Next, and grandpa’s feeling proud (and casually taking credit) for Deacon’s success, reminding everyone that it was he who taught his son to play the guitar. Deacon, naturally, is not pleased.

Meanwhile, Juliette is making big plans to confront Darius, the head honcho at the Church of Coherent Philosophy (the cultish religious group she ditched earlier in the season). Avery’s worried she’s going to get hurt, but J’s on a mission to bring the movement to justice for the way it treats its followers.

At their meeting, Darius tells Juliette that his team was merely being overly cautious when they locked her in a room against her will that one time in Bolivia. He contends that a world-wide organization has its challenges and sometimes things go too far, but they are helping people. He also seems confident that everything they do is within the law. When Juliette pushes back, Darius resorts to intimidation, saying he has her on video making threats and irrational statements. He then brings up the non-disclosure agreement she signed before she left for Bolivia, and tells her that if she talks to the press, the movement will sue her and her family into oblivion.

Unfazed after the showdown, Juliette calls Glenn and tells him to get her publicist on the phone — she has a story to share. Glenn warns her against starting a war with Darius, but Juliette looks pretty damn pleased with herself after the article comes out. That is until later, when she learns that the church is blasting her in the media as an abusive diva who demanded special treatment and was violent towards other members.

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Legendary music icon Rayna Jaymes struggles to maintain her place in the spotlight while dealing with the ambitious rising pop vixen Juliette Barnes.
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