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July 05, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT

When we left off last week, Juliette had just walked in on Avery and Alannah making out on the couch and she (well, fine, me) was furious, but it all diffuses pretty quickly as Jules apologizes for walking in on them and says hi. After a quick introduction, Alannah rushes out with Avery hot on her heels telling her she doesn’t have to go. She insists and he says he’ll call her but Alannah, ever the pessimist, tells him he doesn’t have to.

Juliette goes to look in on a sleeping Cadence. Avery tells her to go ahead and wake her, but she recognizes waking a child to apologize as something her mother would’ve done to her, so leaves her own daughter to sleep. Avery, clearly walking on zero eggshells, tells Jules she looks like she’s been through hell. She’s like, well, yeah I kinda have, but she’s too tired to deal with anything right now, so she leaves to go stay at Hallie’s.

Elsewhere, Scarlett is having a bath complete with candles when Sean’s wife calls her and says she can’t get her husband to go to a counseling meeting at the VA center. Scar ends up sacrificing bath time to drive him to the hospital for the session, but after five hours of waiting they still haven’t been seen by a doctor. Scarlett can’t believe he’s being treated this way when he served his country and runs over to talk to the doctor on duty about it. She cries to him about the unfairness of it all and begs for Sean to be seen, repeatedly telling the doctor how scared she is for her friend. The doc relents, but just as he does Sean disappears from the waiting room. She catches up to him outside where he tells her he’s fine, that she’s done her bit and helped and can be done with him now. He tells her he can’t be in the hospital with all the other vets; it’s like being back in a war zone. He then goes off at Scarlett saying he’s not her project and that she only wants to make herself feel better by helping him. He wraps up his lovely little speech by telling her that he feels sorry for her because she has nothing better to do with her life. She tells him to get professional help or she’s out.

It doesn’t take Sean long to regret his words and he shows up at Scar’s door to apologize for the way he spoke to her and promise to get help. He’s been trying to understand why she’s helping him and has come to the conclusion that he picked her because he plays music. He says that’s what she cares about and that’s why she should get back on stage. She’s all, that’s not happening so he uses her own words against: “What do you gain by giving up the thing you love the most?” Ten bucks says she’s back on stage at the Bluebird next week.

In the Jaymes-Claybourne household, Deacon’s dad is looking at old photos of his wedding to his wife/Deacon’s mother — the one he used to drunkenly beat up. He’s trying to share old tales with the girls, but Deacon puts an end to the reminiscing, sending Daphne off to do homework, while Grandpa Claybourne tries to interfere with his son’s parenting. The next morning he’s back joking around with the girls and they just can’t see how he used to be this terrible, mean dude to their dad. Cue the eye roll. Maddie’s all, forgive and forget, dad and then drops the bombshell that she’s thinking of going on the European leg of Jonah’s tour. Grandpa, really not picking up on the whole stop-interfering-in-my-parenting vibe Deacon’s giving off, thinks Maddie should jet off and see the world. Exasperated, Deacon lets him have it, telling him to keep his parenting advice to himself. Honestly, grandpa is pretty annoying even without willfully ignoring his past abusive ways. Deacon tells him to stop pretending the past never happened, but his dad thinks maybe Deacon is remembering it wrong, that certain things didn’t happen the way he thinks they did or even at all. (Recap continues on page 2.)

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Legendary music icon Rayna Jaymes struggles to maintain her place in the spotlight while dealing with the ambitious rising pop vixen Juliette Barnes.
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