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While Alannah wards off unwanted advances from Brad

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June 28, 2018 at 10:02 PM EDT

“The House That Built Me” kicks off with the girls writing songs in the house that maybe didn’t build them, but still the house in which they live. Daphne is on the Nashville Next website and perturbed to learn her nickname on the show (as chosen by fans) is “Princess,” but she soon forgets her troubles when Deacon walks in dressed all hipster-y.

He’s recording a radio show later that day, complete with a performance, an interview, and a bunch of college students, so has dressed accordingly. It all goes well with Maddie and Daphne in the audience and the fans lapping it up as Deacon signs autographs and takes selfies, until an old dude shows up and asks him to get a cup of coffee. Deacon gets weird and tells the girls they have to leave immediately.

The next day Scarlett asks her uncle how the show went, and he tells her fine, until his dad turned up out of nowhere. We know from previous seasons that Deacon’s father was an abusive drunk, and he hasn’t seen him since he was a teenager. Scar’s heard horror stories from her mom too, but she still wonders if Deacon’s curious to see why he showed up. He’s all, nooo way, not even a little bit. For now…

Not content with meddling in just one person’s life, Scarlett turns her attention to Sean. She’s landed him a gig at the Bluebird, which of course he doesn’t think he can do and is freaking out about. He wants Scar to do it with him, but she tells him he just has to let something good happen for him. So he performs and it all goes well — if you don’t include his wife sitting in the audience while Sean dedicates a song to Scarlett for helping him through the hard times. Understandably, wifey is pissed and walks out before the end of the set. Realizing what’s happening, Scarlett looks upset too, certainly more than Sean does, if he even notices. The next day, Scarlett goes over to see Sean’s wife to tell her she doesn’t want her husband, she only wants to help him. Sean’s wife says she hates living in a limbo, and after a year of trying, of holding him when he wakes up in the night screaming, and walking on eggshells, she’s over it. But Scar is convinced he’s changing, so she sends Sean over to see her at their home. Then he freaks out looking at a friend’s Facebook page and starts hitting his head against a wall — literally.

Scarlett rushes over to help and discovers Sean has locked himself in the bathroom with a gun, and she attempts to talk him down. He tells her about a friend and team sergeant named Derek who recently hung himself. He had just gotten a promotion and his wife was pregnant again. Derek taught Sean everything he knew and saved his life multiple times, so he doesn’t believe he can make it if he Derek couldn’t. He tells her he can’t escape the images in his head; they won’t stop and he can’t make them. He wants things to be normal and moves the gun closer to his head. Distressed, Scarlett starts talking, telling him there’ll be a different normal for him soon, one he can live with. She ask him to think about things he can feel right now — the air in his lungs, the breeze on his face — and tells him to focus on those good feelings, as fleeting as they might be, because gradually they’ll last longer and longer; the awful will get less and the better will get more. (Recap continues on page 2)

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Legendary music icon Rayna Jaymes struggles to maintain her place in the spotlight while dealing with the ambitious rising pop vixen Juliette Barnes.
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