How many stalkers can one girl have?
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Tonight’s Nashville opens with Juliette lying on her back, telling someone hovering over her that she “can go further,” she “can take it.” It’s not as exciting as it sounds, though — it’s just her physical therapist working her legs, and man, it looks painful.

Despite being convinced last week that she would never walk again, Juliette’s impatient with her progress and wants to try some device she’s seen on the internet that redistributes weight and gets you back to walking. Her therapist warns her those devices are for patients who are further along in their recovery, but Juliette Barnes is a country superstar and she wants it now, progress be damned.

Later, Avery is cutting the crusts off Juliette’s sandwiches — because that’s the kind of diligent husband he is — while she’s planning on canceling her psych appointments and calling the clinic’s medical director to get some time in the aforementioned apparatus. Juliette doesn’t like the look on Avery’s face, but he says it’s just the way his face is and Juliette just hadn’t noticed. I’m not super surprised. Poor little Avery! I want to see him smile just once. Oh, and Juliette’s also skipping her Oxycodone pills, considering her past drug abuse.

The next day, Juliette gets her way and finds herself at the clinic, all harnessed up and ready to go, even though it’s way too soon. I have to give it to her: The girl sure is determined. Suddenly, she has scary flashbacks to the crash, panics, and demands to be let out of the device — and she thought it was a good idea to skip seeing her shrink. The therapist tells Juliette that experiencing flashbacks is her mind’s way of protecting her body by not letting it do things she’s not ready for. “Your soul needs to heal, too,” she tells the singer, as Juliette scribbles down the line for later use as a lyric. (Not really.)

Later at Mansion Juliette, the pint-size star falls out of her chair on the way to the bathroom and won’t let Avery help her up. He notices she hasn’t been taking her pills, but she’s adamant she won’t go back to relying on drugs to numb her pain (see: her season 4 addiction). She gets mad and tells Avery AGAIN that he’s only there because he feels obligated. Finally, he snaps: He tells her she’s a pain in the ass and it has nothing to do with her being sick, it’s just the way she’s always been since the day he met her. With that revelation, Juliette heads off to church to pray — after she asks the pastor how to go about doing that. Once he explains it’s just a conversation with God, Juliette gets down to it. She wants to know why she survived when no one else did when she knows she isn’t better than anyone who was on the plane. She’s lost and asks for help. The tears make it convincing.

With that revelation, Juliette heads off to church to pray — after she asks the pastor how to go about doing that. Once he explains it’s just a conversation with God, Juliette gets down to it. She wants to know why she survived when no one else did when she knows she isn’t better than anyone who was on the plane. She’s lost and asks for help. The tears make it convincing.

It kind of works. When Juliette and Avery get home later, they make their apologies. Juliette admits she hates being helpless and doesn’t want to need him, but she does and always has. She’s terrified of feeling like a burden, but he assures her he wants to be there for her. Juliette then uses her newly bulked-up arms to pull him on top of her, but he’s hesitant and pulls away. Avery feels that with everything they’ve been through, he’s just not ready to get intimate. I think that’s his reason, anyway. He doesn’t explain it all that well — is it just me or have Avery and Juliette’s exchanges been a tad confusing this season? — but he does tell her she has no idea how much he loves her. He just needs some time. Not that much time, I guess … Roughly three minutes have passed when he’s back sweeping Juliette off the couch and carrying her to the bedroom. Men.

Now, let’s check in with another couple in a precarious place. Kevin has been apartment hunting and found a place he just loves, but Will is being all grumpy and just wants to sleep — he had a late gig last night he didn’t tell Kevin about so he could revel in the adoration of his male fans, guilt-free. Grumpy Will is far from excited about the idea of moving in together, even though he’s the one who suggested it. When he goes to check out the apartment later — alone, since Kevin is working with Kacey Musgraves (big time, Kev!) — the realtor hits on him.

The realtor’s dropping lines like: “Look at this bed, come check out how comfortable it is.” Wink, wink. He even adds, “I live in the building so I’m always available … I’d love to have you (in the building).” Coy smile. I’m kind of loving all the sexual innuendos this episode. Anyway, the dude is thirsty. So, in a bid to do the right thing and not be tempted by the overeager realtor, Will lies to Kevin about submitting the application and sabotages their chances of getting the place. But, Will! The hardwood flooring!

NEXT: What’s the harm in a little stalking?

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff: Who is stalking Rayna this week?

Bucky and Rayna are watching some videos on that new website they can’t get enough of — YouTube. They’re just loving an artsy-looking video by a super-acclaimed director. Honestly, the video looks kind of weird, but the whole concept of music videos is still groundbreaking over at Highway 65, so I can see why they’re losing their minds over it. They’re agonizing over the fact they can’t afford to hire any of these YouTube sensations to direct The Exes’ video when Randall walks by and Rayna compliments him on the work he did on Scunnar’s site. (Yes, I’m giving them a couple name.)

He’s so overwhelmed that I’m pretty sure he momentarily stops breathing. Rayna thinks he’s terrified of her, while we all think she should be terrified of him. Anyway, since they can’t afford any of the professionals they like, Ray and Buck make plans to find some young and hungry director to exploit employ. Or they could just ask Zach Welles for a loan, because guess who’s in town?

Yup, it’s everyone’s favorite “offbeat” billionaire entrepreneur. He stops by the Bluebird to see Scunnar’s show and join Rayna and Deacon for dinner. Zach’s totally taken with Deacon — he feels like he knows him from his songs, you see. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Anyway, the mayor of Nashville joins them for dinner because Zach knows everyone. The tech wiz sits backward in his chair (so eccentric) and tells this story: “Beyoncé turns to me and says as nicely as possible, ‘It’s no biggie, but it’s pronounced Hermes.’”

He’s so cool. He’s also a big fan of The Exes and sees an opportunity he wants to explore. He has an instinct about Rayna and thinks they could have a good marriage — oh, wait, he means with Highway 65, not Rayna herself. Gotcha. Deacon isn’t convinced it’s such a good idea; he doesn’t trust Zach and didn’t much like that “make a good marriage” figure of speech, either. Rayna agrees it’s all a little weird, but likes the idea of having money for her business. Dilemma.

The next day over ribs, Zach pitches Rayna. He knows she’s struggling and wants to pay her an annual sum in return for 20 percent of the company. She would still make all the decisions; he only asks that she consult him and consider the advice of his team. (But what if they don’t love music videos?) He also says they could both end the contract with 90 days’ notice — he doesn’t want to be in business with someone who doesn’t want to work with him. She tells him it’s an interesting offer and that he has barbecue sauce on his face. No, really, that’s her response.

Later at home, Rayna receives an envelope full of rose petals and a long multi-page letter. It begins:

It goes on in a similar vein, explaining that he (she?) knows he sounds crazy, but people are crazy when they’re in love. Yikes. So, it’s understandable Rayna jumps out of her skin when her phone rings a moment later. Not to worry, it’s just Zach. (I think that’s a relief?) He’s found the perfect person for The Exes’ video: The director of J-Law’s new movie owes him big time, and he knows he can convince him to do it. So maybe blackmail’s his game? Nonetheless, Ray turns him down for now, saying she still hasn’t decided if they’re going to work together.

Bucky appears to tell Rayna not to lose any sleep over the stalker; she’s had them before (a lady sent her some socks one time). Instead, she should be losing sleep over the fate of the label. Um, reassuring? So, Rayna starts to really consider Zach’s offer and gets her lawyer to review the contract. Surprisingly, there are no surprises in the paperwork — there’s no such thing as free money, but this is as close as it gets. It’s all too good to be true. Call me cynical, but this isn’t going to end well.

Speaking of things coming to an end, after much deliberation over whether he wants to be in a relationship, Will’s FOMO is getting the better of him. He wants to be free to hook up with all the hot men at his shows (and the realtor guy, and the menswear designer, and the guy at the ATM … man, it must be tough being that pretty), but Kevin has this cute penguin thing he does where they touch foreheads and Will likes that. It’s all very confusing for him.

Later, when Will goes to see Kevin, he’s discovered Will’s discarded apartment contract in the trash and demands to know what’s going on. Will’s all “I need space” and Kevin’s all “I had a feeling you weren’t ready for a relationship.” As Kevin packs up Will’s belongings and throws them out on the porch, Will sings a sad song about the hardship of getting over someone and how it might never actually happen. Just check out these lyrics: “When the ocean swallows up the city streets / Honey, that’s when I’ll quit missing you.” It’s pretty, but like I said, Will is so confused. Something tells me he’s going to regret letting Kevin go for the second time. Man, I was really rooting for those two.

The stalking saga continues next Thursday.

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