Luke and Deacon find some common ground in the Beverly and Avery gets back in the dating game — all while Vita deals with the fallout from the missing money
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There’s a lot of business in “If I Could Do It All Again,” and by business I mean actual business. Crazy, I know. It seems as though everyone in Nashville is gearing up for some sort of business venture. Luke is correcting his tour mistakes, Scarlett and Gunnar are prepping for their album release, Layla is in the studio and getting ready for a PR tour, and Deacon is working to make the Beverly the place to be in Nashville. Of course, all these business moves don’t go down exactly as planned.

First up, Deacon thinks he’s got a great plan to really put the Beverly on the map. Now that he knows Riff is going on tour with Luke, he thinks the old country legend might need a warmup show. So, he books him into the Beverly for one night, taking over Frankie’s spot. That doesn’t sit well with Frankie, especially because he’s still pissed off about Vita, but he’s accepting things for now. Or, Deacon isn’t giving him many options.

Meanwhile, Gunnar and Scarlett have a meeting at Highway 65 to listen to their album. Gunnar is stupidly nervous about it — and Will is charmingly comforting about the whole thing — but things go perfectly. The label loves the album. There is one thing that seems to be an issue, though: The label wants to use one of Scarlett’s songs as the single. Gunnar seems to be okay with it, but Scarlett is worried is doesn’t represent them as a duo.

Speaking of duos, Avery gets himself back into the dating game! And it’s complicated! And Layla might love him! Avery has a lot going on, is what I’m saying. But anyway, after an adorable meet-cute at the park with another single parent, Avery is invited over for dinner. It’s super cute, and Avery deserves good things, so I’m happy with this development.

Of course, Nashville couldn’t go long without dealing with this whole Vita situation. She shows up for her meeting with Rayna, and Rayna has no choice but to ask her about the money. Vita insists that she didn’t take the money, and that’s enough for both Rayna and Deacon. Then, Vita plays a stunning song and gets Rayna fully on her side.

Vita isn’t the only one auditioning in a sense, though. A label named Three Dollar Vinyl, whose artists are all gay, contacts Will. He takes the meeting, but he’s admittedly hesitant about the label. That hesitancy is given more fuel when it’s clear that the label manager hasn’t really heard his music but guarantees Will’s music will sell like crazy with their demographic. Still, Will can’t imagine pigeonholing himself like that, and when he runs into a barista who put out her own album independently, Will starts to think that might be the best route.


I’m glad I got that out. Okay, back to business.

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Just as Luke thinks he has his tour back on track, things get ugly real quick. It turns out that even a country legend gets a little rusty, so when Riff takes the rehearsal stage and completely bombs, he lashes out at Luke’s band and then at Luke. Riff says nobody knows how to play his music and that Luke’s kids don’t even like him. It’s a childish tantrum, one that only the men on this show know how to pull off. It’s beautiful.

In fact, a lot of people start having meltdowns about halfway through this episode. Colt, who’s suddenly back in town, gets angry at Maddie for focusing on music too much. Then he tells her she should do something more meaningful with her life, that music is so fake. Sure, he’s a bit mad about Maddie’s song detailing their sexy time, but hey, there’s no need to be such an asshole. Then again, he’s Luke Wheeler’s kid, so it’s par for the course.

Then Frankie gets all heated and confronts Vita when she shows up for her Deacon-approved shift. In a bit of a surprise, though, she admits to taking the money. As she tells Rayna later, she needed it to get her sister out of some serious trouble with some bad people, and she intended to pay it all back. It’s not enough to redeem her in the eyes of Deacon or Rayna though, and they essentially cut her loose.

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Meanwhile, Avery’s date goes better than expected, but he completely fumbles the second one, spending too much time talking about Juliette. It shows him that he’s not ready to date yet and he accepts it, which is quite the relief to Layla, who’s basically losing her mind through this whole episode. How else could you explain the horrible sweater she was wearing in the studio at the end of the episode?

Despite all the tantrums, things mostly work out fine for everyone. Riff gets his act together and, with the help of Luke’s band, puts on a solid show at the Beverly with a ton of press in attendance. Avery and Layla get back in the studio after all the messy relationship stuff, and Scarlett and Gunnar solve their songwriting problem by deciding to put both their names on all the songs, sharing the credits equally. Again, that’s not a new concept in music, you guys!! Does nobody here know anything about making a record?

Things aren’t all rainbows and roses, though. Colt, after getting dumped by Maddie (you go, girl!), stares longingly at a poster for the U.S. Army in the episode’s funniest shot of the night. Then, after seeing Deacon get all the credit for turning the Beverly around, while also basking in the limelight on the stage, Frankie storms off and sneaks a drink. Not good.

There’s potentially something much worse brewing, though. Rayna decides to head back to the hotel parking lot to meet with Vita to see if she can do anything to help get her on her feet. When she gets there, though, the parking lot is taped off by the police, along with Vita’s car, and everything inside it, is destroyed. According to the officer, there was “an altercation,” but that’s all we know for now.

So, stay tuned for when Nashville turns into a crime procedural next week.

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