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July 27, 2018 at 01:45 AM EDT

Y’all! Can you believe it’s the last ever episode of Nashville? What will we do without weekly visits in the ‘ville? No more overwhelming drama, emotional rollercoasters, eye-rolling nostalgia, tears from Deacon, and general loveliness from our favorite country musicians! They should probably write a song about saying goodbye to this show, just saying, there’s a wealth of material to mine.

Anyway! As I was saying, it’s the last episode and boy, do we have a lot of loose ends to wrap up with pretty much every major character on the show, so let’s get right into it!

As has become the norm, we kick things off with breakfast at the Jaymes-Claybourne house. It’s the morning after last episode’s benefit and the girls are upset about not knowing where their grandfather is. Deacon is all, not my concern! but considering Deacon is just about the nicest person ever, I’m sure he’s not going to completely wash his hands of the whole situation. Just then, Bucky walks in with some good news: There’s been so much positive interest in Deacon since his recent performance that he thinks Deacon should go out on tour — as the headliner! Deacon thinks it’s a joke but Bucky is dead serious. He says he’ll think about it, having the girls to consider and all.

It’s not just the finale of Nashville, it’s also the finale of the talent show within the show, Nashville’s Next. For the big showdown, they’re shaking things up. Each artist is assigned a song that’s not necessarily their style and they have to make it work. Daphne isn’t a fan of her song and her mentor Elsa agrees that it’s too mainstream for her. She’s freaking out about it to Deacon when she gets a letter from her granddad wishing her luck. Deacon is pissed thinking grandpa is just trying to manipulate her, but Daphne invites him to the finale, regardless. So Deacon goes to see the old man at his motel, where his dad admits that after 28 years of not drinking, he indulged in the odd sip or two after his home was destroyed. But, he promises, everything is under control. Deacon is skeptical to say the least, but his dad presses on, telling him that when Daphne discovered him drinking, the look on her face made him stop for good. He promises he will never hurt Deacon or the girls again. Unconvinced, Deacon walks away.

While Daphne gets ready for the big night, Maddie is recording with Twig, who gazes at her longingly while pretending to be a producer. He tells her she’ll be headlining her own tour soon and wants to go along with her when she does. I don’t blame Maddie for looking a little uneasy with that proposition. Later, when chatting to Scarlett, her cousin notices Maddie doesn’t light up when she talks about Twig (or “Branch” as she calls him). Maddie feels like she has to give him a chance, but Scar thinks she should just honor what she’s feeling right now, be free and have fun. Oh to be a teenager!

So Maddie meets Twig for coffee and he can tell it’s bad news. Maddie thanks Twig for having the courage to tell her the truth when no one else would and gives him a new pair of super-fancy headphones, which he realizes is a consolation prize. She tells him he deserves to be put at the center of her universe and she can’t put him there right now. He says he’d take her just as she is, but she thinks he deserves more. It’s emotional. There are tears … from Twig. Poor guy, but please let’s not make breakup gifts a thing, okay? (Recap continues on page 2.)

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Legendary music icon Rayna Jaymes struggles to maintain her place in the spotlight while dealing with the ambitious rising pop vixen Juliette Barnes.
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