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September 01, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT

Episode 2: “The Cali KGB”

The second episode picks up the day after the events at the end of the season 3 premiere, and many characters wake up to harsh new realities. Maria, concerned that her husband never came home, even calls his unpleasant mother to try to find him. Speaking of Salazar, Gilberto wants Pacho to head to Mexico to meet with drug lord Amado Carrillo, though the real reason is to let things calm down in Cali after the string of murders they just executed. Lopez and Duffy are also being sent away since their cover was blown when their pictures were plastered on the front page of the Cali newspaper. The Colombia government is pissed, so Peña is forced to put them on a plane back to the U.S.

We’ve met the Rodriguez brothers, but now, it’s time to get acquainted with their sons. Gilberto sent his son Nicolas to law school to keep him out of the family business; surprisingly, Miguel is the one who is grooming his son to follow in his footsteps, which currently doesn’t look like a great idea. David (Broad City scene-stealer Arturo Castro) screwed up big time. His plan to empty tanks of chlorine into nearby sewers left many innocent people dead, prompting unwanted media coverage and investigation.

With Peña promoted and Murphy gone, we meet our new on-the-ground DEA officers. Chris (Michael Stahl-David) and Dan (Matt Whelan) are engaging in some classic partner banter when Chris comes across some info he deems valuable enough to share with the boss. While there’s currently no team in Cali, despite having arrest warrants out for the bosses, Peña shoots down Chris’ request to head down there to follow a lead.

Still unable to track down her husband, Maria returns to her hotel to find Navegante waiting. That’s usually game over, but instead, he brings her to see Miguel, who tells her what happened to Salazar. Respect for being upfront about the fact that you murdered her husband; most people wouldn’t do that.

Chepe’s quest for more ether hits a bump when his usual supplier is fresh out because a new crew of Dominicans is buying all of it up. Ignoring Gilberto’s request to stay low profile, Chepe goes to scope out the competition at their beauty parlor in Queens. His relaxing hair treatment is interrupted by a group of gun-wielding Dominicans, including Gabriel Iglesias for some reason, emerging from a back room. Wanting Chepe and his associates gone, they begin counting down from 10, but Chepe soon helps them out by joining in the countdown. The two factions engage in a shootout that leaves only Chepe and one of his men standing. That’s going to be pretty, pretty high profile.

Jorge’s boss Cordova has tasked him with finding some information to blackmail the safety inspector who’s looking into the gas leak. After putting the whole team on it, tracking the man’s family, and listening to all of their calls, they’ve got something on him. On David’s suggestion, a reluctant Jorge is sent to confront the inspector with the information. It turns out that the wife is the one having an affair, but in another twist, the husband already knows about it, so he refuses to lie about the reason behind the leak — until he’s asked what everyone around him would think of his wife’s infidelity. This leads the inspector to officially declare the incident an accident.

Watching from Bogotá, Peña sees the inspector’s press conference and immediately goes to tell Chris that he and his partner are headed to Cali.

Episode Grade: B-

—Derek Lawrence

/ ( 2 of 10 )

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