Escobar might still be pulling the strings of his operation from Panama, but Carrillo is gearing up for a war.
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Now that extradition is officially on the table and Escobar has been chased out of Colombia by the DEA and CIA, presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán can focus on his campaign. He has a speechwriter crafting pro-extradition speeches for his rallies, as he’s refusing to back down from his stance against the narcos, no matter the danger.

The danger is clear and present though, as Galán is murdered at one of his rallies, just as he takes the stage to speak out against the narcos. As Murphy says in his voice-over, the assassination meant the end of hope and peace. He believes that Galán was not only their last hope for a politician to clean up the government and Colombia, but that the hit sees Escobar escalating his violence, showing that he will do anything to fight extradition and keep his empire intact.

For now, that means running things from Panama City. He’s offered to pay Colombia’s national debt in exchange for amnesty, but the government refuses. Escobar and the cartel are stuck in Panama, and nobody is happy about it. Tata is especially unhappy. “What’s the point of having so much money if you can’t go home?” she says. Escobar has paid no mind to others who have dissenting opinions, but his wife’s means more to him.

With her support, he decides to fight back. After he has Galán murdered, much to the chagrin of Gustavo, he assures the cartel that they can return to Colombia and take their country back. They all reluctantly board a plan, the looks on their faces suggesting they’re not so sure a return to Colombia is safe. At least Gacha is excited, because he’s always ready for a fight.

Their return to Colombia isn’t going to be so easy though. At the funeral for Galán, his son urges his dad’s speechwriter, Dr. César Gaviria, to take up his cause and become the new face of the campaign. Gaviria seems reluctant, mostly because he’s in a tough spot. After all, he did just see his friend and colleague get murdered for running up against the cartel, so a little hesitancy is understandable.

Ultimately though, he knows it’s the right thing to do, so he goes about planning to take over the campaign. He sets up a future press conference with American media where he will have to come out and say whether he supports extradition or not. He’s not sure where he stands right now, but his wife wants him to play along and go against extradition, or at least ignore the question. She wants to keep him alive.

While contemplating his decision, he gets a message from Escobar, courtesy of Valeria and Fernando. The message is that he either lets the narcos go about their illegal business or they will come after his family. Gaviria kicks them out of his office, but it’s clear that he’s shaken up.

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Meanwhile, Pena is doing everything he can to get Elisa out of the country safely, away from Escobar and his men. He’s also sleeping with her, because that’s what he does with every woman on this show. Even Elisa knows it. “Do you sleep with all your informants?” she asks. Yes. Yes he does.

Murphy is worried about Pena getting a passport and identification for Elisa though. Elisa is on the top of the wanted list for the CIA and US government, so if they’re caught they’ll be charged with treason. Pena’s willing to risk it though and reminds Murphy that it was his wife, Connie, who brought Elisa into their lives.

Elsewhere, Colonel Carrillo is doing what he can to close in on Escobar, but he’s frustrated by how little he has to go on. More specifically, he can’t trust any of his soldiers, most of whom are being paid by Escobar.

That leads him to create the Search Bloc, a special ops team of “incorruptibles.” The cartel is recruiting too, getting kids to smuggle drugs for them and arming them with automatic weapons. It’s the beginnings of a war, one that only ramps up by the end of the episode.

While Escobar senses that there’s a rift within his own ranks, specifically with the Ochoa brothers, his focus needs to remain on Carrillo, who is gathering serious firepower. He decides that he’ll make one last-ditch effort to bribe him. He sends a message offering Carrillo a one-time payment of $6 million U.S. to go away. Carrillo refuses though, and the war is on.

With that refusal behind them, Escobar puts a hit out on Carrillo. Thanks to a waiter in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Carrillo’s somewhat capable, but still dead, bodyguard, Carrillo escapes unharmed.

While all of this is going on, the US government is closing in on the communists, having captured a priest who is subsequently tortured for information. He ends up ratting out Connie, saying that it was her who brought Elisa into his life. It’s a big moment, one that has huge implications for Murphy and Connie. A treason charge, or worse, could be just around the corner.

More immediately though, a war is coming. Gaviria holds his press conference, and while it initially looks like he’s going to sidestep anything about extradition, he ultimately does what he thinks is best for Colombia. He speaks in favor of extradition and against the narcos and the hold they have on the country.

Obviously, this doesn’t make Escobar too happy, but it only gets worse from there. Carrillo calls him at his home and threatens him, revealing just some of the information he has on Escobar and his family. It’s the type of threat Escobar usually doles out, but the tables have been turned. “This then, is war,” he says before the episode cuts to black.

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