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From the network that brought you Jersey Shore (and won’t stop bringing you the Real World), comes, well, this.

Floribama Shore features eight twentysomethings who move into a house in Panama City Beach, Fla., to get “buck booty wild” (per cast member Aimee) for one summer. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Floribama Shore is the second installment in MTV’s Shore franchise, following in the footsteps of Jersey Shore. Only this time, the accents are Southern and no one talks about doing laundry.

In Floribama‘s two-hour premiere, the roommates get to know one another through the classic ice-breaker that is drinking. It doesn’t take long to identify the biggest partier — that title goes to the youngest roommate, 21-year-old Kortni, who is finally out of her parents’ house and ready to live it up. So it’s no surprise that she parties a bit too hard on day one — so hard, in fact, that she falls asleep before the roommates even go out, and while they’re gone, she wets someone else’s bed. (Try to figure that one out.)

The biggest story of the premiere, however, is a potential love triangle between Gus, Nilsa, and Jeremiah, which feels less and less interesting as the show goes on and Nilsa loses interest in Gus. Thankfully, Kortni’s around to spice up the story by later peeing in a trash can.

All in all, Floribama Shore delivers what you’d expect: drunken nights, roommate hookups, and truly terrible decisions. In other words, it’s your basic guilty-pleasure catnip. Only, this time it’s deep fried.

And now, to end things with some of Nilsa’s greatest quotes:

  • “These shorts are all the way up my butthole; it’s like touching my heart.” — Nilsa commenting on her shorts
  • “Play me like a guitar!” — Nilsa to Gus at a bar
  • “I’m fake, but I’m real as hell when it comes to my personality.” — Nilsa referring to her fake books, eyebrows, and lips

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