The plan to take down Steel Mountain is once again underway while Elliot's whole world comes crashing down.

By Kyle Fowle
August 13, 2015 at 02:50 AM EDT
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A recurring theme of the first season of Mr. Robot is paranoia. It’s palpable in every episode, from the paranoia Elliot feels in his everyday life to the paranoia Wellick feels in regards to his position within Evil Corp. It was only a matter of time before the show started to reveal if the paranoia was justified or not, and tonight’s episode does just that.

Before we get to the INSANE closing moments of the episode though, we’re thrust right back into Elliot’s plan to take down Steel Mountain. The episode opens on Darlene, who’s slept at some rich suit’s apartment. When he leaves for his spreadsheet job, she finds his safe and takes the gun that’s in there. The walls are closing in and she can feel it.

After visiting with Angela at a ballet class, Darlene heads home on the subway. She’s visited by the Dark Army, who, very slyly, tell her that the operation can go ahead. It’s a relief for Darlene, but she’s also worried about a potential meeting with White Rose. She knows that the Dark Army is dangerous so she needs to be cautious.

When she realizes that it’ll be Elliot meeting with them, she gives him the gun she took from the safe. She’s attached to Elliot (more on that later!) and wants to keep him safe, not just because of the Steel Mountain plan but because she cares for him.

More than a few things need to be put in motion for Elliot to meet with the Dark Army. The most important item involves actually getting him to the secret meeting. Ollie unwittingly helps with that, giving Elliot drives to deliver to a place called Blank’s Disk.

Elliot soon realizes that the hack going on at Allsafe, and the CD that started it all, has to do with him and not Angela. He confronts her and lambasts her for not telling him about the CD, while she yells back about him being distant from her. They don’t have time to resolve the issue though as Elliot has to be at the meeting by 2 p.m.

When Elliot arrives at Blank’s Disk, he’s escorted into a Faraday cage, a room that kills all radio signals, Wi-Fi, etc. Once inside he gets exactly three minutes with, presumably, White Rose. After asking her why they pulled out of the operation and telling her they’re ready now, she drops a bomb on him. They pulled out because they found a vulnerability, a honeypot that Gideon had installed on the compromised server that would have meant fsociety, or some members, would have been caught.

She tells him that he has exactly 50 hours and 23 minutes to get rid of the honeypot. If done, they’ll go ahead with the takedown of Steel Mountain via fsociety’s climate control hack. All Elliot needs to do then is get access to Gideon’s information so that he can order the honeypot to be removed.

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While all of this is going on, Wellick is feeling tense around the office, probably because he murdered Mrs. Knowles, but maybe it’s just stress. Who knows, right? Essentially, he’s having a no good, very bad day; a coworker spills coffee on him and he’s being questioned by the police in regards to Mrs. Knowles’ body being found on the roof.

In between those incidents he meets with Mr. Robot, a plot development that had to come at some point. It’s unclear what their connection is, but when Wellick threatens him by saying he’ll expose Mr. Robot’s “dirty little secret,” Mr. Robot shrugs it off and says that such a reveal wouldn’t be good for either of them.

Back at his home, and after having a pretty teary breakdown, Wellick is visited by a couple of detectives who come inside to question him about the murder of Mrs. Knowles. It’s the first Wellick’s wife has heard of it, but she won’t throw her man under the bus. She fakes (maybe?) her water breaking, causing the detectives to call for an ambulance to get her to the hospital. She’s not about to let their whole plan be ruined just because Wellick got a little too excited and murdered someone.

Back at the offices of Allsafe, Darlene has hacked into their TV and started streaming a video that calls out Gideon for aiding corporate thieves. It brings the whole office into the meeting room, the distraction allowing for Elliot to get into Gideon’s office and swipe the info he needs from his phone.

Elliot manages to get back to his computer and input the info just before Gideon gets suspicious. He’s clearly onto Elliot though and only a sudden call from Evil Corp pulls him away from criticizing and questioning Elliot further. Elliot then uses Gideon’s email to ask for the honeypot to be removed. The removal is confirmed, though it will take 48 hours to complete. Just enough time for something to go completely wrong, I’m sure!

At this point, everything’s looking up for Elliot and fsociety. He meets up with Darlene and tells her how everything is going as planned. She screams in celebration and then turns to him. “I love you,” she says, before Elliott leans in and kisses her.

Darlene freaks out and Elliot can’t figure out why. “Did you forget who I am again?” she says. Elliot searches his brain, but can’t quite figure out what’s going on. “I’m your…” Darlene starts to say before Elliot cuts her off. “You’re my sister.”

As if that mic drop wasn’t enough, questioning everything we’ve seen on Mr. Robot so far this season, the reveal sends Elliot back to his apartment. He finally hacks himself and can’t find any information. No Instagram, no online profiles, no photos. He’s a ghost.

That’s when he flips through his booklet of CDs, landing on the very first page where one blank disc stares back at him. He puts it in his computer and browses through the files. They’re all pictures of Mr. Robot, and they all show him with a kid. That kid is Elliot.

There’s a knock on his door, and when Elliot answers Mr. Robot (Mr. Dad? Dad Robot?) is standing there. “I think we need to talk,” he says. Yeah, I’d say so. 

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