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October 17, 2018 at 11:00 PM EDT

I have to say, this is not how I expected this season to go. After weeks of telepathic shenanigans, Brady Hartsfield is once again back in his own body. We see him walking free down the side of a road, clad in a doctor’s uniform. It’s not clear how he got the clothes, but Bill Hodges and Antonio Montez find security footage of him walking straight out the front door of the hospital in that getup.

Bill actually has a lot of questions right now, and he decides to get answers by threatening Felix Babineau with a sock full of ball bearings. When Felix blubbers about needing a lawyer, Bill tells him in no uncertain terms that he will break his hands (preventing him from ever performing surgery again) unless he tells them what drugs he gave Brady and what the patient’s current physical and mental capacities might be. After a season of watching Felix and his wife play with people’s lives for their own profit, it’s awesome to see him get some comeuppance like this.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last. When Felix makes it home, whining about how he’s going to end up in a jail cell for his illegal experiments, his wife Cora assures him that he’s still rich and famous, “and if there’s anything we know about American jurisprudence, it’s that the rich and famous do not end up in jail.” Unfortunately, tragically, she is correct — in this show as in real life. If you remember, this show exists in the shadow of the Great Recession; Brady’s target for the Mercedes killings was a job fair full of desperate people looking for work in the wake of the economy’s collapse. Very few bankers ever went to jail for engineering said collapse, while their victims were left to suffer the consequences. Far from being just a spicy line, that Cora quote actually gets at the heart of how evil exists in the world of Mr. Mercedes.

At first, of course, it does not look good for the Babineau’s. Their conversation is abruptly terminated by Brady’s arrival at their house. If you’re anything like me, you probably thought he was going to start sadistically torturing and killing them — especially after he tells Cora that he remembers her flirting with him while he was comatose. After taking a drive with them, Brady even forces Cora to make out with him while Felix watches. Then their destination is revealed: the police station! Brady is turning himself in!

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