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As Bill recovers from his harrowing confrontation with Al, several characters battle over what to do with Brady

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October 10, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT

As I wrote at the time, last week’s Mr. Mercedes ended with an incredibly tense thriller sequence that was the highlight of the season so far for me. So this week’s episode, understandably, is mostly about the fallout from Bill’s battle with the Brady-controlled Al in his home.

Ida is the first-responder in this case. After distracting Al long enough for Bill to shoot him, she helps Bill to his feet and mops up his blood, while her date calls the ambulance. There’s actually no need for that last part, though, because Donna already called the cops after hearing the whole encounter play out over the phone. This has shaken her quite a bit. Just as she was finally reconnecting with Bill and helping him find a life beyond police work, she literally hears him murder a man over the phone. Thankfully for Bill, the homicide is easy enough to explain. Al’s already been in trouble with the law for killing Montez’s dog and stealing his gun, and once the cops go to his house and find his brother Reggie dead on the floor, it seems like an open-and-shut case. Bill and Montez, of course, know that there’s more to it than that. But that will be tough to explain.

It will be even tougher for them to act against Brady once Felix Babineau finally gets what he’s wanted. The last time we saw Brady, his internal mind-cave exploded after Bill killed Al. We see Brady waking up on the floor of his destroyed cave. His readings are crazy, and in the wake of this destruction, it seems Brady’s control is not what it was; he inadvertently moves his finger while Felix can see. That’s all the proof Felix needed that his insane, illegal treatment is working — he’s going to fight like hell to get his name in the medical history textbooks.

Holly, though, has other ideas. While Bill’s friends are all visiting him in the hospital, she sneaks into Brady’s room and uses tape to secure a sample of his hair. I thought for sure Brady was going to use the opportunity to take control of her mind, but thankfully he’s still too weak for that.

Felix could sure use a win with Brady because he’s losing his contest with Cora. He may have won their battle last week, but she’s still winning the war. In retaliation for him holding her passport hostage, she’s now helping her pharmaceutical partners exile him from the project.

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