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October 03, 2018 at 11:05 PM EDT

Wow, this season is really getting good. Before it began, I was worried how the story could even continue when the end of season 1 seemed to wrap things up with such finality. Then I got really intrigued by the sheer weirdness of Brady’s telepathic trickery. We’ve hit some lulls since then, but this episode really paid things off in a big way with that incredibly tense climax.

But before we get to that, we should note that this episode begins with several characters plotting different getaway trips — most of which will fall apart before the end. Bill wants to take Donna to Ireland, Reggie and Al want to hide out in their cabin in the wake of the latter’s possession by Brady, and Cora wants to follow her Chinese pharmaceutical partners back to Beijing.

We first get a look at Cora’s Chinese investor pals when they show up at the hospital to see if Felix can wake Brady up with a new surgery. Even though Brady’s signs are good, he’s still not talking, which frustrates the Chinese guys. Knowing that his career is on the line, Felix whispers to Brady that he’ll mess with his brain unless he says “stop” out loud. Brady still refuses, and unfortunately for us, Felix doesn’t follow up on his threats.

Credit where due, though, Felix is starting to catch on to what’s really happening. When he comes home for a lunch break, he finds his wife frantically packing for a last-minute trip to China. She claims she’s under orders from her company to make sure the Chinese partnership doesn’t fall apart, but Felix doesn’t buy it. He grabs her passport and threatens to rip it apart until she confesses that she’s lying. As Felix suspected, she just wants to get out of there so that when the whole thing blows up, Felix becomes the fall guy instead of her. So much for being in this together. Felix holds on to the passport.

Reggie and Al’s planned trip has an even sadder ending. After the newly-bailed-out Al sobs to his brother about how he has no memory of killing Montez’s dog, even though the evidence clearly shows he did, Reggie decides to get them both out of town for a while. They get the car packed quickly, thanks to Al’s desperation to get out of town before Brady gets into his head again. But alas, Al can’t just leave his little mobile fish game alone. Just as they’re about to leave, Al goes to grab his phone, opens the game…and in comes Brady. Brady-Al then insists he gives Reggie a haircut before their trip. When Reggie reluctantly sits down, his possessed brother cuts his ear off with scissors before slitting his throat with a razor. I know we’ve only known him for an episode or two, but the tragedy of Reggie’s death still hit hard for me. Unfortunately, Brady’s not stopping there. He sends Al to Bill’s house to lie in wait…

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