Luke and Manny face off in a school election, and one of Cam's football players moves in
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Mitch and Cam, Modern Family

This episode was an election story: Manny and Luke run opposite each other for student body president, and neither of them seem like a good option. Manny is definitely responsible enough, but hopelessly uncool. And Luke is very, very dumb. As part of his campaign strategy, Manny tries to dress cool to appeal to his fellow teens, donning a graffiti trucker hat with a sweatshirt-under-jacket combo. Gloria and Jay try to prime him on how to act like a regular high schooler, and her impression of how a teen would talk is hilarious. In the end, the people choose Luke. Hopefully, he won’t screw it up too much.

Meanwhile, Cam comes to the aid of one of his football players by letting him stay in the house, which Mitch does not like, particularly because he wasn’t even consulted. The very tall young man proceeds to break everything and eat them out of house and home. He manages to get on Lily’s bad side at breakfast by eating all the cereal and drinking all the milk. To retaliate against Cam, Mitch offers to dog-sit for their friends Pepper and Ronaldo’s giant canine, Dame Edna. The pooch gets off to a bad start with Lily by taking her food. Why can’t Lily get a bite to eat in this episode? “We’ve trained her to take carbs away from us,” Ronaldo explains. Ultimately, Mitch is swayed by the accolades that he and Cam are getting for taking the star player into their home, so he announces in front of everyone at the football game that he’s staying. I have a feeling Mitch will regret his sacrificial act when they get back home and he remembers how disruptive their guest is.

Haley has decided to be her own boss, and she creates a truly ridiculous job for herself: She and a bunch of other young women promote clubs on social media. Basically, it’s just staying up all night dancing and taking selfies. Phil is rightfully concerned that that isn’t a real job, and tries to get Haley to go into the promotional field in a more legitimate way. He introduces her to his friend the promotion wiz (guest star Martin Short, in a disappointingly meh performance). He can promote anything — he even has a tip for Phil on a house that’s proving tricky to sell because the previous owners were murdered in it. His strategy? Embrace the murder house’s history. He even suggests marketing it as Downton Stabbey. Haley manages to show Phil that her job is legitimate when she uses her legion of cool girls to promote his murder house. Thanks to Haley, the open house gets a big turnout.

Odds and Ends:

  • Coach Cam keeps his clipboard in his pants? I can’t really think of a good explanation for this, but it happened.
  • It seems that Pepper and Ronaldo named their dog after Dame Edna Everage, and that’s very on brand for them.
  • The school marching band is performing a tribute to the films of Zac Efron. I assume they’ll be featuring at least one song from all the High School Musical movies.

Episode Grade: C

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Mitch and Cam, Modern Family
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