From a secret dog to a new friend, everyone's hiding something
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Mitch and Cam, Modern Family

New neighbors, new friends, a new pet, and a new recapper (well, for this week, anyway). I’m filling in to guide you through the best and biggest laugh-out-loud moments of the episode. And there were many this week, weren’t there? As usual, miscommunication and little white lies led to confusion and hilarity, and while the family’s story lines didn’t intersect this week, everyone was busy learning the same lesson, which was…

Lesson of the Week

Lying only makes things worse (I mean, if you get caught). Claire rescues a dog she finds in the middle of the street and gets the kids in on her mission of hiding it from Phil. She knows if he sees the dog he’ll get too attached to it, and while Claire’s happy with her kids (now), she doesn’t want another living creature to take care of. PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, SISTER. (Did I say that out loud?)

Over the course of the episode, there’s — as expected — lots of near misses and lying about dog noises and dog snacks (which Phil ate and enjoyed — no surprise) which all lead to Phil thinking he’s in the doghouse for not being a good listener to Claire. After he apologizes for basically all his faults as a husband, Claire comes clean and shows him the dog, which he immediately recognizes as belonging to the neighbors.

Someone else getting caught up in their lies? Jay, who after telling Gloria he doesn’t need any more friends (Gloria: “Your friends have been around before the movies could talk!”) bonds big time with Reece (guest star Adam Arkin), the dentist to the L.A. Kings who impresses Jay with courtside seats and an invitation to sail to Catalina on his boat with Wayne Gretzky. But in the end, poor Jay is once again put in his place by Gloria, who sees through his lies and punishes him with Ethiopian food and a sappy movie. Wah wah.

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Mitch, on the other hand, is actually trying his best to get someone to stop with the lies. When a Christian rock band moves in upstairs, Mitch and Cam are sure the drummer, Dex, is gay. Problem is, no one else seems to think so, even after he sings his song, “A Cry For Help” for them (sample lyrics: “Hiding for so long… I’m trapped on a secret path, I need a holy bath to wash away the sins I hide”).

Mitch makes it his mission to help Dex admit and accept who he really is, but all Dex admits is that he never wanted to be in a band in the first place. Oh, and that he misses his girlfriend. “I was just going to stay inside today, but I’m really glad I came out!” he tells Mitch. After hilarious miscommunication and double entendres, the band has Cam sit in for Dex on drums and lets Mitch play tambourine at their gig, where they sing, “Man shouldn’t lie…with another man.” “UNLESS THEY REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER!” shouts Cam in his mic FTW.

Most Unexpected Combo

Manny and Joe

Sure, we’ve seen a lot of these two together, but tonight their relationship and conversation evolved to more of a brotherly bickering, and Joe delivered a few zingers Manny’s way. Which leads me to…

Family MVP


With all the lying and bickering, Joe was really the only level-headed one this week. Okay, fine, maybe he lied to Manny about watching his favorite show, but at least he did it with confidence.

Manny: You’re watching Mystery Kidz! You said you didn’t want to!

Joe: Not with you. You ask too many questions.


Alex, by default, because I’ve already picked Joe

But c’mon, who didn’t feel a little bit sorry for Alex tonight? After getting Sanjay an actual dinosaur bone for their one-year anniversary (Luke MVP moment, “I thought the gift for first nerd anniversary was inhaler”) and then realizing the stray dog buried it, she was gifted with a ratty old Samsonite.

Funniest Phil Line

About his vacation beard, “It’s gone from itchin’ to bitchin’.”

Followed closely by, “No, I don’t want a dog. I want a cockatoo to take rollerblading. How cool would that be, sitting on my shoulder, my half-shirt flapping in the wind?” after Claire tells him he can get a dog.

Snarkiest Lily Moment

Lily’s only moment, after Cam tells her that reality TV is the lowest common denominator. “That’s hilarious, but I’ve got a quiz tomorrow.”

Did Everything Turn Out Okay?

Sort of. Phil and Claire cleared the air after their big misunderstanding, even if he’ll never get a cockatoo. Mitch and Cam realized that sometimes appearances can be deceiving, and even though Jay had to endure the sappy movie and the brow beating from Gloria, he still gets a Catalina cruise with Gretzky.

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Mitch and Cam, Modern Family
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