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Claire nags in the face of danger, Mitchell and Cam battle over cleanliness, and Gloria has some doggie troubles

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October 06, 2011 at 06:52 PM EDT

First, I apologize for the delay of today’s Modern Family recap. I took a Red Eye flight last night that turned into a pain in another part of the body. Regardless, if there’s any way to get over the travel delay blues, it’s with an episode of TV like last night’s Modern Family, “Door-to-Door.”

The episode began with Claire nearly running over Phil with the Mom Van, while Phil was power walking in the street. Having never seen anyone decked out in power walking gear before, I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure what Phil was doing. Once we did learn the truth, I was a little disappointed he wasn’t exploring the possibilities of urban skiing. Oh, well.

The near-accident helped launch her campaign to get a stop sign placed at that intersection. But to do so she needed to gather 50 signatures by that evening so she could attend the Traffic Committee meeting. She found herself without helpers, however, since all the kids — and Phil — claimed to have other chores. Filthy liars. Except Luke. Personally, I find his quest to recreate a basketball stunt with Phil very important. You can’t put a price on YouTube notoriety — or a good laugh.

It’s definitely worth pointing out that Ty Burrell is having an incredibly amazing, you-earned-your-Emmy season — and not just because we got to see him pelted with a basketball in the face (which, it turns out, is even more hilarious than watching someone repeatedly get hit with a football in the groin. Take that, Simpsons). His lines and delivery have been incredible this season, and the cherry on top of this sundae of hilarity was seeing Phil and Luke answer the door without pants. This is my public apology to my neighbors for the howling laughter.

Over at Mitch and Cam’s, Cameron woke up feeling French and decided to make crepes — and a big kitchen chaos. Angered that Cam constantly left messes for him to clean up, Mitch decided to ignore the untidy sight until Cam cleaned it up. Apparently, this is a certain chore he absolutely hates. I think I recently saw a similar plot on Khloe & Lamar. And while it’s slightly sad that Modern Family resorted to using a slightly over-done plot, it’s definitely not as sad as the fact that I’ve watched Khloe & Lamar. So they’re forgiven.

I also really loved Mitch’s ill-timed outburst at the end of the episode just before the lady from the adoption agency arrived for a home visit and Cam’s admission that perhaps he needed to “tweak” his phone message-taking system. Note: Your system is fine, Cam. You just need to remember to put the magazine somewhere you’ll see it. And yes, Demi, I will pick up my dry cleaning.

Meanwhile, Gloria left the gate open and ended up losing Jay’s dog, *Stella. After last week, we know Gloria is not fond of the dog at all — in fact, she’s terribly jealous of her — but she was inspired to launch a massive search for the dog after Jay explicitly pointed out that she needed to close the gate to the house. She ended up stealing a similar-looking dog from a little girl (named Blanche!) on the street, but we never saw the outcome of the swap, which I found odd. I’m sure it’s something we’ll see next week.

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