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April 21, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Finally, after popular demand, an episode starring…Lily! Cam and Mitchell decided to assess who would be the best family members to raise Lily if “God forbid, something happened to them.” This theme could have easily been played as overly sentimental and serious, but instead it turned out to be one of the funniest episodes of the season (in my humble opinion). The opening scene at the Dunphy house when Cam and Mitchell were watching to see if Lily would do well there was insane. Between the yelling, the knife juggling, the grease fire, and Alex being trapped in the garage – it was hilar! Their craziness (including losing Luke and hearing that their daughters had been arrested) had me dying throughout the entire episode. That’s how we like the Dunphys: crazy and out of control.

The next victims up for judgment were Gloria and Jay. Gloria was so excited at the prospect of raising Lily that she wanted to kill off Cam and Mitchell right then and there and steal Lily (well, not really, but kind of). And then there was Jay, who barked at Manny and dropped Cam from the climbing wall. But we ultimately saw one of the most touching moments of the series between Jay and Manny when Jay let Manny off the hook for his camping trip once he realized Manny’s true fear, and proceeded to tell him how brave he thought he was. It could have been cheesy, but with Ed O’Neill at the wheel, it was far from it. And thus Jay won the prize of being Lily’s guardian (along with Gloria, of course).

Before I leave you with the best lines, who else loves that Cam is from the land of frozen cows? I can’t get enough of his Missoura background.

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