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February 10, 2011 at 06:15 AM EST

Fresh off their best ensemble win at the SAG Awards, the cast proved why they truly deserved the award in tonight’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode. While I loved the flirting competition between Cam and Mitchell, the Valentine’s Day “winning” war between Gloria and Jay, and of course the young Casanova, Manny, trying to woo Haley, I would have to say that the evening belonged to Phil and Claire Dunphy — or rather Clive and Juliana Bixby. I knew tonight would be good when I saw that the episode was titled “Bixby’s Back” because that meant that we got to watch Phil and Claire try to seduce each other as their painfully unsexy and unsmooth alter egos. And if you thought Phil couldn’t get any more awkward than he already is, think again. Every time Phil, or rather Clive, tries to use a sexual innuendo, he somehow manages to make himself sound even more unattractive. Case in point, this lovely interaction:

Juliana: “I’ll be upstairs, Clive, don’t take too long.”

Clive: “I never do.”

Ty Burrell nails his clueless delivery every time. And while we didn’t get to see Claire get stuck in an escalator while wearing nothing but a trench coat like last year (how could they have topped that?), we did get to see Phil waiting for Claire while lying naked on a hotel bed with nothing but roses and a strategically placed champagne bottle to cover his goods. Too bad he was in the wrong room. Would we have expected any less? Regardless, those Dunphys still know how to spice things up after 16 years of marriage! Between tonight’s high jinks and the previous episode, when their kids walked in on them having sex, they sure are a randy couple. And we love it.

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